Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dinner @ Senoji, Victoria Park

I went to Senoji to have lunch the last time and wasn't impressed at all until last week, I went there for dinner.
I was surprised to see the menu was different from lunch menu and there's lots of choices! I was quite happy to see there's something different in the menu apart from offering the normal sushi, bento, and green tea ice-cream.

I had the Plum wine, it was delicious and refreshing. But I prefer Lychee though :P

We had ordered quite a few dishes to share~

Curry Croquette- Crumbled curried mashed potato & vegetable
Taste like Curry Puff :P quite nice!

Frances' had Fish Teriyaki as her main with rice.

Scallop Batayaki - Pan fried scallops with butter on a bed of gourmet lettuce.
It taste nice but I still prefer the one that I had from Shige in Como, for flavour and size wise.
This one had sliced into half.. a bit stingy hehehehe :P I like it whole!

My favourite! Salmon Head and Wing
Grilled salmon head & wind, extremely rich in oil and flavour.
When I read that, I thought they cooked in a whole pot of oil until Joe told me.. it's the oil from the fish itself.. hehehehe.. silly me~! This fish was delicious! nice and tasty and crispy on skin too! It's very good for your health and skin~

Chicken Karaage - Crispy & Tasty boneless marinated deep fried chicken.
Nice tender and juicy chicken pieces. Good to have it with rice~

Grilled Chicken Skin - sauce or salt
Oooh this one is something different, chicken skin~ I like the one with sauce but Frances and Joe prefer those in salt. They are both nice :) It's chewy and a lil bit crispy. Interesting!

We were happy and full with those for our dinner! I enjoyed the food so much! But gotto finish up with something sweet~!
Yeap! Dessert!

Frances had something really interesting and very delicious!
Mizu Manju - Palm seed, red beans and a lil of sugar syrup.
I had a bite of this, it tasted gorgeous. Have you tried Sea coconut? The texture of the white colour thing is something like sea coconut, chewy-crunchy and soft with just the right amount of sweetness. Oh love it!

I had Koshian Parfait - Ice cream, red bean, corn flakes, cream, wafer sticks.
It was nice too! but after saw what Frances have.. I regretted and thought.. I can make the parfait at home myself! :P
Oh well~ I have to try everything right? Or else I won't know how good it is.

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