Monday, October 11, 2010

Be healthy!

Today, I was forced to take public transport because my car is in repair. It was 4 years ago since I last taken a bus. I was nervous and afraid that I will missed a bus!

Honestly, after the whole ride, it wasn't that bad at all!
I enjoyed the walk, the wait and the bus ride! Beautiful cool breeze and a little sunshine. Although I did stressed abit on where I'm suppose to get down.

I think I can do this again sometime. It feels great!
Well, I probably won't do it during winter or summer :P


L said...

wow that's a long time since u last took a bus. i have to use buses recently as well coz my car is at the repair for at least 4 weeks. :S

Jo Serwey said...

Oh no! 4 weeks??? Mine is 1 week I've already feel it too long! What happen to ur car?

Like Reading said...

Just accept the truth is always making us happy with the moment. I do exercise a lot with dumbbells and riding a bicycle too. It keeps me fit and healthy.And it also makes my wife Kheng Pisethloves me more :D