Sunday, October 31, 2010

[Photog] Happy Halloween Everybody!

I went to a Halloween Party 2 days ago and it was so cool! It was my first time to see a house turned into a scary place party!

Taking photos of everything and find it really difficult to get the correct brightness. It was dark inside and outside, I had to cranked up the ISO higher to make the photo look brighter. I end up with photos full of noise. Not happy.

But I enjoyed taking photos of the decorations, people who dressed up and looked really scary and funny at the same time.

Anyway, these were some of the photos that I took in the party. I know it's not that great, but it's a good opportunity for me to practice!

Hope everybody have a fun Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Charity Time!

You must be wondering why I didn't blog these few days! "She must be feeling lazy!"
Well, you are right! I'm quite lazy and tired to blog.. That's because I'm busy designing Christmas Cards! XD

"WHAT THE???" Must be in your head now. Why is she designing Christmas cards for?? Well, the story goes like this... few days ago, I was flipping the newspaper and saw the charity ad. That reminds me of the past.. I remembered when I was in Malaysia, my sister will always buy a whole lot of groceries and some stationaries during Chinese New Year and donate it to the orphans. I remembered she will always look really happy and fulfilled after donating to the orphans because she knows the orphans will be happy to have yummy food to eat and new things to use.

Until I came to Perth, I get to know about volunteering job available. I went online and do some research and found Cancer Council WA that needs some volunteers. I sign up online, fill up the forms and drove out the find the place. Unfortunately, because I was quite new here in Perth, not knowing the road, I got lost and accidentally missed a traffic light and got myself my first ever traffic fine, in Perth.

After all the hoo haa, I thought maybe it's not the right time to do all these volunteering work. I should concentrate on my studies and probably earn some money to cut down the expenses for my family too. So, I put the volunteering idea on hold til today.....

Yes! Today is finally here!
I went through the process of sourcing the paper, envelopes and done whole heap of research for my first ever Christmas cards! I'm selling them online here in my blog and all profits will go to the charity.

In a packet, there are 4 cards in different designs, 14 x 14 square card and envelopes included.
All designs are originally created by me~ The card is all about Mantou and Char Siu Bao in Christmas with a little humor.

All cards is design front and back, and the whole story will tell if you open the card up.

Go to the Charity Cards-Mantou button on the top bar and click it! It will bring you to my selling cards page so you can see the card design. REMEMBER to click on the BUY NOW button!

Hope you like the cards that I design. Thank you for supporting my designs and helping me to raise money for the charity. You can always buy it to keep! *wink Wink*

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lunch @ What the Pho!, Northbridge

Yes, another Vietnamese Restaurant in Perth! I think Vietnamese food is the "in" thing in Perth now. Slowly conquering the other Asian food. :P

What the Pho!
Such a catchy name! The shop really modern too! I think this is the only modern looking Vietnamese Restaurant that I've been to so far. Nice deco and nice music! :P

Quite a huge range of food to choose from.
Found some Chinese food in there too, like the Fish Head Vermicelli Soup! One of my recent favourite since I had it in KL. Not sure if this one here is good, I will try it next time! Today, I will just try the Traditional Beef Noodle Soup and Broken Rice. The 2 must try dish.

For drinks, I had the Coconut juice and Joe had Ice Coffee.

Beef Noodle Soup.
Look! Got tribe! Not many restaurant serves beef tripe and so this is something different :)
The pho is very very tasty! Soup is so tasty you just wanna keep drinking it but you might feel a little overdose by it. Noodle is perfectly cook. I love it!

The broken rice is very yum too! Love the Pork chop. Very tasty and tender. Love the lil bits of burn corner of the pork chop.

The mince pork wrapped in bean curd skin sausage taste awesome too! I really love it.
To have it with the soft and fluffy broken rice~ mmmm..... I can have this everyday~

What the Pho! is situated right behind Villa Italia at Corner of William & Aberdeen street.
Opens Monday to Sunday 11.30am-9.30pm

Ph: 9228 1180

update: Joe and I went back there again to have lunch, we were dissapointed with the dishes that we ordered. I had 3 types of entree and it wasn't good. Especially the stuff squids, it was tough and rubbery. Sang choi bao: mostly bean shoots. Joe's noodle soup, taste like they put a whole scoop of MSG into it. okay... not impress :P

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make Up! Motives by Loren Ridinger

The other day I went to Judy’s place to have something nice for my face.
Who is Judy? Judy is my workmate and she is a cosmetic consultant with Motives By Loren Ridinger which is a division of Market Australia.

The company has a huge range of skincare, make-up and custom mineral powders all catering to normal, dry, oily, problematic & sensitive skin. The products feel beautiful and are easy to use.

Judy had everything ready and nicely presented for me when I got there. It was so nice, I started taking photos of everything. Her make-up kit is so professional and I don’t know how she can remember it all! I guess this is why she is a cosmetic consultant and I’m not! I know nothing about make-up, to be honest :P

One thing that really impressed me was the box full of disposable applicators. The company teaches its consultants to be clean and hygienic and a new mascara wand, spatula or lipstick brush will be used for each new client.

Okay, let’s talk about what Judy did to pamper me that day. First she asked me to try this! This is something that I am amazed about. This is the Lip Pumice. She gave me some of it to exfoliate away the dry, dead skin off my lips and make my lips nice and smooth.

There’s also a Lip Plumper to make my lips pout like Angelina Jolie too! hehehe

Then we did the skincare using Skintelligence which is hypoallengic. First we cleansed my face with the Deep Cleanser, it feels so gentle.. After rinsing, we used the PH Skin Normaliser, the Cellular Perfecting Complex serum and the Daily Moisture Enhancer.

The skincare felt so beautiful and my skin felt refreshed! Judy also applied a primer as this is going to make my minerals last on my face even longer.

What I love about these products is that they have everything that’s essential and its in easy-to-use packaging. The products are smooth and non-greasy which I think is good for my skin.

Okay, done with the skincare. My skin is now a clean canvas and we are ready to do my Custom Mineral powder make-up consultation! Yes, mineral powder!

But this is not normal mineral powder that’s sold in packets and I’m limited to one or two colours. This mineral powder is customised especially for me from twelve different shades!

Judy analysed the tones in my skin and lips. She asked me about my preferences for make-up and whether I liked a flat or a shimmery look. Then she picked out my mineral shades and mixed them to create a separate face powder, blusher and bronzer to suit my skin tone exactly! Very cool isn’t it? As its custom made, I no longer worry about buying a mineral powder that’s too light, dark or orange for my skin tone.

While Judy was mixing the Custom Mineral powders she was also recording it. So in the future when I run out of the mineral powder, I can reorder it from her easily! It was very interesting to see how she did the math and mix the right colours and portions to match my exact skin tone.

Look at it! So amazing isn’t it?

Time to apply it onto my face!

Remember the Lip Plumper I talked about before? She can even add some of my pink mineral shade to the Lip Plumper so its a Custom Mineral Tinted Lip Plumper!

I purchased the mineral face powder to use and Judy tipped my mixed powder into the brush handle. I just pump it and the powder comes up into the bristles of the brush!

Honestly, I’m a person who doesn’t usually use make‑up and have no clue at all about these things. But I have to say, this Custom Mineral powder is the best make‑up I have ever tried. Its not too heavy and it leaves my skin looking natural and smooth with a glow and it only takes seconds to put on ~ I love it!

Judy told me a lot about the products and I'm surprised that I can remember it!

Motives By Loren Ridinger was the featured line in the 2009 Miami Fashion Show and its make‑up artist, consultant, and salon exclusive.

The minerals are hypoallergenic and free of chemicals, fillers and dyes. They also moisturise the skin with vitamins A, C, E and Squalane which will keep my skin moist throughout the day.

Custom Mineral Consultations like the one I had are $25 each which is fully redeemable with purchase of any make-up or skincare.

For enquiries contact Judy at
0411 490 339 or email her on

Consultations are conducted in the comfort and privacy of your own home :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Six Feet One Journey

Sponsored by Six Feet One Journey & Nuffnang.

This presentation is to raise public awareness around guide dogs, how they’re trained & the relationship they develop with the people they are paired with.

Six Feet, One Journey is a new campaign developed by Frontline Plus® and Heartgard30® Plus to celebrate the enormous work and love that goes into transforming playful pups into responsible Guide Dogs for Australians with impaired vision.