Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something is wrong with the Pao.

Mantou realised that she is a very abnormal Pao (bun).
That's because
she feels like crying whenever she listened to 92.9's Gotcha Calls in the morning while driving to work!
I knowwwwww.. I'm supposed to laugh my ass off at those people who are angry and swearing to the radio host, but somehow my throat is not listening to me!!
Probably feeling sorry for the one who got Gotcha from.

DO NOT DO GOTCHA CALL ON ME! I will be freaking FREAK OUT and kill u. XP

1 comment:

ching∞ said...

well I wasnt as emo as you.. but i'll just switch to another radio station whenever I hear the stupid gotcha calls. Dont understand why ppl enjoy them that much. EVIL.

If someone ever GOTCHA me, I'll SLAUGHTER them. I'm Not Kidding.