Sunday, September 12, 2010

My busy busy week in KL

Time flies so fast I didn't have time to even think that I'm actually leaving tonight. The busiest, funniest, fullest, loveliest, luckiest trip ever.
I wish I can come back every month just to catch up with everyone slowly, spend time with my family and have some time for myself relaxing at my new home.

This is a recap of what I did in the whole week since I'm back in KL.


Went to a dim sum place in Puchong and had the best Roasted Pork and Barbeque Pork. Juicy, tender and not oily!!

Went to Pacific Coffee Company at ioi Boulevard to meet up my TOA friends. Can't believe it has been 10 years since we last met. Had a great great time!


Went to Melacca with my besties for a day trip. It's a insane trip. We spent 10 hours in Melacca, eating, walking and laughing non stop!


Had a hair cut and found out that I had super duper disgusting oily scalp. Had a detox scalp treatment and now is healthy.

Went to my mom's favourite place to have Organic food. It's pretty good :)

Had a lil gathering dinner with my grandma and relatives at Klang.

Went to I-city to see the beautiful lightings and walk around the whole place that covered with colourful lights. It's very interesting and I took lots of photos. hehehehe


Went out with my sis and cousin to shop. I did Indian threading. It was my first time! :|
It's very cool ahahahha.


Volunteered in a book fair for a while. Didn't know much though.. cuz i know nothing bout those books. ops. but I bought a camera book from other stall. heheheh

Went to Neway Karaoke in Puchong. I love this Karaoke place so much because they provide us buffet dinner with lots of choices and private toilet in the room! heheheeh


My sis cooked up a storm for me and my friends who came and see the new house and my family. Everybody loves it!


Spend a day alone at home, taking photos of the house, practice the piano, play with my dog, watched the TV.

Family dinner gathering. My grandma, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.


Brought my friend to have a sweet make over at Bangsar. Tiring but Fun!

After that we went to The Pork Place for dinner and Vintry for a drink and dessert.


Went to Ishin with my friend. Sashimi was pretty good.

My family and I had steamboat at home. With lots of fish balls~

Went to Night Market with my SLR. Been to night market since I'm a child and this was my first time taking photo of it. Felt different and I wanna take more of these kind of photos.

Went home after that, had a nice cold shower, took out my lanterns and candles to play. I know Mooncake Festival is 2-3 weeks away, but I really wish to play it now with my family. For some reason, I like Mooncake Festival more then Chinese New Year. I felt more warmth and happy in this occasion with mooncake, hot tea, candle light lantern and your family is there with u in the backyard.

I'm so gonna miss my family, friends and everything.


ching∞ said...
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ching∞ said...

I'm already missing you.. though been here just a week, I think I'll need weeks to get over the fact that you are away again :(

Can't wait for the next 5 months to come!