Monday, September 6, 2010

Melacca Day Trip with Besties! 5378

I went to Melacca with my best friends the next day after I arrived in Malaysia. I know it's a bit crazy because I didn't have enough sleep for 2 days and I still have the full energy to go a day trip! I am actually (well actually all of us) looking forward to this trip to go to Melacca since we planned a few months ago! It was our 2nd trip since 10 years ago!

This trip to Melacca is like a eating/walking trip. I have never eat like this before in my freaking entire life! We literally walk and stop every 5 minutes to get food to eat! We are not human! We start to question ourselves after a whole day of eating! ahahahah But it's so so so fun!

Our first stop is to the Chicken Rice Ball Shop.
In Malacca, the chicken rice is served as rice balls rather than a bowl of rice, commonly known as Chicken rice balls. The rice is shaped into golf ball-sized orbs and served alongside the chopped chicken. This dish is eaten the same way as the regular version, making sure to get a portion of chicken, some rice and the soy and chili condiment into each mouthful. Older chefs argue that the rice was originally shaped into balls because it needed to be kept warm from the time it was cooked (often earlier in the day) until mealtime. The rice balls, when stored in wooden containers, apparently stayed warm for a longer time. The other theory is that the rice balls were more portable and were easier for labourers working on plantations to transport from home. Today, rice balls are appreciated more as a novelty than anything else.

Then we stopped by the famous Jonker 88 to have the famous Ice Cendol and Ice Kacang.

The palm sugar that they used is the hero. Nice thick palm sugar drizzle on top of the shaved ice with cream coconut. We were in heaven..~

oh, and we shared the Nyonya asam laksa and dumplings too. Dumplings weren't that good actually. :P

After that, took a short walk and saw this new thing call Egg Sorbet! They got all kinds of flavour in the egg shape mold. We had Lychee and Plum flavour. All nice! Light and fresh!

Then we had the freshly made Ondek-ondek. Glutinous rice ball coated with shredded coconut and palm sugar filling. Nom nom nom

The famous Popiah! Fried and freshly rolled. Why is it so different from others? The owner infused the turnip with Fried Crispy Pork Fat eheheheheh Yes FAT. Thats why it taste so nice.

Then we stopped by the popular pub/cafe called the Geographer. It's a pretty nice place to chill out.

We had quite a bit of nibbles eheheh

Fresh coconut juice

Fried Chicken Wings

Fried Calamari

and French Fries.

2 hours later, we head to have the Famous Melacca Satay Celup.
Which is something like Steamboat Satay. You dip whatever you want into the Big pot of boiling Special made satay sauce. It's a different way of eating satay :)

After that, we went to the Indah Sayang Restaurant to have the famous Nyonya food.
Click here to know about Baba and Nyonya. We went to visit the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Musuem when we were there. For just RM8, we had an fantastic tour guide there telling us all about Baba and Nyonya. It's very interesting.

Buah Keluak with Chicken

Cincaluk Omelette

Nyonya style Ladies fingers/okra.

Sago Gula Melacca.

There's plenty more food photos, unfortunately it's not with me.
heheeheh yes.. it's a lot of food but it's definitely worth it! I probably only spent RM50 (20AUD) for food and some other stuff. Which is bloody awesome!

The day end with a little sweet surprise. When we were there, we passed by a Toto (lotto) shop and one of my friend Cecilia suggested that we should buy a number. We agreed and chose our birthday month/date to be our number to buy. Just for the fun of it :) We got 5 3 7 8 and guess what! The number that came out is 7 8 5 3 !!!! Nooooooooo...!!! The numbers came out but in different order! If we won, we could have a big meal again! ahahahahha But we were really surprised because the exact numbers that we chose actually came out on that day. Although we didn't win, but in our heart, we know there's something in us that makes us together. Something really special..

Thanks guys.. you guys are the best!!! EVER!
Let's have another trip 10 years later! hahaahhaah

This is us, 10 years ago :) in Genting Highland.


rick said... sweet. We are def doing another trip again :D

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Jo Serwey said...

im just guessing who you are ahhahaha.. bcuz u will need to worrrkkkkk :P