Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home in KL

I'm so so glad that I'm home!!!
I was having a nervous moment before that because I am phobia of taking a plane. Scared of missing the flight (which I did b4), scared that I will vomit, and I don't like the 5 hours of sitting!

Luckily, the flight was pretty pleasant. I have saved some episodes of Masterchef season 1 to watch to cure my boredom. Had my travel pillow with me in order to have a better nap. Fully prepared! ahhaahha

I had Nasi Lemak in the flight, was a bit dissapointed with the serving though. 3-4 pieces of chicken chunks is definitely not enough :P I still prefer the previous year's nasi lemak.

After 5 hours of flight, finally touched down and it was 10 minutes earlier! Wow! I was so happy! That's good! No delays and meaning I get to shop for alcohol slowly without rushing around. Anyway, I was so happy to see my parents and bro waiting outside the gate! They brought me to have Dimsum straight away in Puchong. The Roasted pork and BBQ pork is absolutely tender, crisypy, yummy and not oily!!! Love it!

One thing I notice right after I stepped out of airport is my non stop flowing SWEAT! Gosh!! This is freaking hot! But I love it! Home sweet home it is! heheeh To be honest, I just can't wait to go home. (Since 5 months ago hehehe)

First thing that I saw when I stepped into the house is a big sign for me drew by my sister! How sweet is that! with the balloons and hearts~ awwwww... so pretty...she even make my room like a hotel room! Put all the toiletries and soft toys up for me in my room!

My eyes were glued to my family's new home straight away! I chucked my luggage on the floor and started exploring my home sweet home. Open every cupboard, checking everything out, staring at the bar!

My house got a bar! OMG!! This is sooo cool! I so wanna cracked a beer now, chilling on the bar stool with the cool air cond blowing at me.

This is the living room (above) and dining room (below).
Beautiful leather chairs on the shiny tiled floor.

There's a particular room in the house makes everybody in love with this house. That is the lil cosy TV/games/chillout room. This room is like a lil getaway for somebody in the house. ahahhah Love it love it love it!

Outside of the house is a place that can look out to see a lil lake and fountain and mountains across the road. It's such a nice place to live. This house makes me feels like I'm in a holiday house... I don't want to leave the houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

My family have such a nice taste on decorating the home... a warmth, cosy and comfortable home.

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