Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dinner @ Rembrant, Inglewood

Rembrandt is a Polish Restaurant situated on Beaufort St, Inglewood.
I was just searching online on where to have dinner, was looking for something different and not expensive. Then I found this! Rembrandt. Polish - checked! Price - checked!

When me and my friend walked into the restaurant, you can actually feel that you have enter to the Polish world. It feels quite special :)

Interior was warmth and relax. Waitresses were very friendly. Menu was quite challenging because I don't understand Polish. Me and my friend ended up asking the waitress for recommendation :)

(We shared entree, main and dessert because the portion is quite huge)

First, we were served slices of bread and a small bowl of spread on the house.
Take a quick guess on what's that in the bowl!
Quietly tell you.. it's lard, cooked with onion and apple.
Yes, it's full of fat but it tasted quite sinfully good. Spread on the bread like butter and nom nom nom. I personally won't eat much of that because I am currently too fat -_-"

Our entree - Pierogi (7 pcs)
Traditional Polish Dumplings with a choice of 3 filings
- Cheese & Potato with fried onion & sour cream
- Cabbage & Mushrooms
- Meat (Beef & Pork), herbs and spices.

Our monstrosity main - Golonka
Pork Hock (roasted) served with potatoes, sauerkraut & condiments (mustard and horseradish)

Look how big it is! Even the table next to us was staring at it! 0_0

We were glad that we were sharing, or else, we will carry 1 kg tummy home.

The Pork Hock was AMAZING. Cooked perfectly nice and pink inside! OH MY GOSH the best Pork Hock I ever had! It's juicy, tender and tasty! It's like eating something in between cooked fish and ham. My friend suggested to put it in the sandwich! hohoohoho... that will be freaking high class sandwich man... XD

After polishing the monster Pork Hock, we were feeling really full! We had to loosen our belt! No kidding. But I told myself I must try their dessert, no matter what! You will never guess what they have in their dessert list.

Our Dessert - Jojo
Honey Cake.

See! No Joke.
The cake was very very yummy. I love the crunchy texture of the biscuit on top and the bottom.
The cream in the middle was just nice. Not too sweet and very light.

I have taken a picture of the menu if you are interested. Click to see.

They even sell whole cakes for you to bring home and enjoy with family!

840 Beaufort Street
Inglewood WA
08 9371 9157

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ching∞ said...

I was ACTUALLY swallowing saliva after reading the blog! ayo.. I wanna I wanna!

Jo Serwey said...

tahan ok tahan.. :P

Anonymous said...

reminds me what i need for lunch!! hehehe...*hungry*

Jo Serwey said...

im thinking what to hv for my breakfast and lunch! >_<

oh.. dinner too!

Nici Candy Love Hippo said...

Hi Jo,

I tried the Roasted Pork Hock and was disappointed because the chef deep fried it instead of roasting it. Perhaps it was to save time cooking.

I prefer the crispy crackle pork shank at Beethovens, but it is pricier.

Nice to know that you enjoyed the lard. The bread with lard was introduced in the Hong Kong TVB Travel series on Poland. According to the programme, it tasted yucky - maybe it was the original flavour. hahaha

Rakyat said...


Beethovens at Applecross (near Canning Bridge) has authentic Pork shank. Have to pre-order because it takes time to roast the pork shank.