Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dinner @ Ethiopian Cuisine, Bentley

Yes, you see it right! I went to have Ethiopian Cuisine! Something that a lot of people never tried before! Well, including me.

As a curious foodie, I have wanted to try this place long time ago but just didn't have the chance. Finally few days ago, I managed to convince Joe to go with me. Yay for the achievement :P

Ethiopian Cuisine is right next to the Bentley Motor Inn and it's quite hard to see from the road while you are driving, so drive slow and keep left on Albany Hwy, and turn into the shop after Burton St.

Simple deco, but accesorise with all kinds of Ethiopian painting, ornaments and traditional stuff. I was quite excited that time. :P

If you are not sure about Ethiopian food, click the picture below, it will explain to you on types of food and how do you eat them.

The lady owner of the shop is very friendly and she will recommend what to have and how much to order if it's your first time there.

Joe and I had the Lamb stir fry and Chicken Stew. This is a easier way to understand on what kinda food I had instead of using Ethiopian language. I probably don't remember anything. It's totally different kind words!

Everything comes with the Sourdough bread call Injera.
How do you eat them?

Like this.

Tear the Injera into small piece and wrap the meat. Then put it into your mouth. This is the Traditional way of eat it. But if you don't want to, you can always request for a set of fork and spoon.

Don't worry, the lady owner will teach you how to eat them if she knows it's your first time.
Such a nice lady. :)

Overall, the food was quite nice. It was quite interesting and I will go back again with a group of friends so that I can try other things as well. Especially the vegetarian dish.
Ethiopian Food is better to eat with lotsa people and share anyway :)

Ethiopian Cuisine
041 329 9013
1235 Albany Hwy

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Anonymous said...

good review but unfortunately she closed the restaurant this January.

Jo Serwey said...

oh no really??? how come??