Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to My Wey of Life!

I have finally took a big step to change my domain name to !!
Been putting off the idea because of the linkage and stuff like that. I am really bad at HTML and have zero idea on fixing it if there's anything goes wrong.

I thought I will have to overcome that problem one day and why not now? Before my blog starts to become a giant! Finally got it off! Really easy!

Anyway, I have used nearly 6 hours to make sure everything is linking properly in my site. Quite happy with the result! Unfortunately... yeap.. there's always a problem.. all my Urbanspoon links have lost. Have been updating and emailing them about it but still fails. The links on Urbanspoon were still the old web address. Oh well, I will wait and see how it goes! Hopefully Urbanspoon can fix the linking for me! :P
Remember to rebookmark my site yea! No more long web address!

I'm happy and proud of my domain name!!! Yay!!! Champagne!!!! XD

update: Yes! Urbanspoon links are fixed! Thank you Urbanspoon!!!

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