Monday, August 9, 2010

Truffle Steamed Eggs Custard

Joe and I each made a dish for tonight's dinner.
We were on FIRE today~! Cooked something that we have never cooked before!

This is Joe's dish.
Beef Brisket in Chu Hou Paste with Chinese Mushrooms & Daikon Radish.

and below is what I have made.
Truffle Steamed Egg Custard and Truffle butter stir fry with chopped King Prawns and Scallops.
(Got the idea from Poh, when I saw her in the Mundaring Truffle Festival)

It was our first time cooking these dishes and it was absolutely yummy!
I am never really a fan of egg custard but this is definitely making me fell in love with it! Truffle really makes a different in taste! I was surprised to see I managed to make a silky smooth surface custard! Hooray for myself! XD Never thought soft smooth custard can go so well with the crunchy prawns and scallops! :)

The Beef Brisket tastes fantastic! Love the gravy so much I feel like drinking it like soup! So tasty! I'm gonna have it again for my lunch and dinner tomorrow! Save money and gotto work til late!

Anyway, I gotto write down how to make the Truffle Egg Custard Recipe here for my own reference for next time, just in case. hehe The Recipe is from this website.

2 Truffle infused Large Eggs.
250ml water
1 tsp (or a little less) Salt

Crack eggs on a bowl. Add salt and water. Using a fork, gently stir the eggs and slowly breaking the yolk. Mix well without beating the eggs as you would want to minimize bubbles from forming.

Pour mixture over a fine sieve into a semi-shallow bowl which is suitable for steaming.

Bring water to boil in a steamer. Place bowl with egg mixture into steamer and gently stir the mixture for 30 seconds. Keep heat on high and close lid but just allowing a little gap for the steam to escape. You can use a spoon or spatula to create the gap (this is the secret to getting the perfect steamed egg custard with silky smooth surface).

Steam for 20 minutes before removing from steamer.

For the Prawns and Scallops, I just infused the truffle with the butter for 20 minutes. Chopped up the prawns and scallops. On a pan, melt the butter and stir fry the chopped prawns & scallops. fry it til it cooked.

After that, just put them together on top of the Egg custard, then shave some truffle on top!

So yum I'm gonna make it again on Thursday! Who wanna try??? :P


Unknown said...

I'm coming hahaha....actually I was about to call Joe yesterday ask him what's his plan for dinner last night...


Jo Serwey said...

ahahah order taken! :P
Thought asking u to come too but was too afraid the dishes turn out horror! nvm, we can make it again! just for u! :) hehe

fiery said...

OY. masterchef website got series 1 now!!!

Jo Serwey said...

I know! Im watching it already :)