Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Truffle Egg Omelette

After learning so much from the Chefs in the Mundaring Truffle Festival, I have decided to give the special Omelette by Chef Dale a go.

What you need is:
-Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus
(Mozzarella, Cheddar & Parmesan)
- 2 eggs
- rocket leaves
- Truffle Oil & Truffle (Optional)
- a nice non stick pan

This is the packet of cheese that I'm talking about. This will make your omelette to have a different kind of texture and taste, you will like it :)

First, roughly spread the cheeses around. (No oil required)

Then put on the rocket leaves. ( I uses sprouts because I don't have any rocket leaves in the fridge )

Then quickly flip the other side over and cover the veges when you see the cheese turned brown. Take it out and leave it on the plate, then prepare the omelette.

Same pan, pour in beaten eggs (For the eggs, do not beat it too hard. Just mixing them around til it's evenly combined.)

Then put in the "cheese veges" that you have made just then. Seasoned it with salt.
Put some Truffle oil if you have it and some feta and some nutmeg <- Chef Dale's recommendation But if you don't have it, that's fine too :)

Let the egg cooked for a little while, make sure it's still a bit wet for the eggs.
until it's easy for you to flip the egg to half and cover the cheeses. Do not fully cooked the eggs. It's good to have it a bit runny.

There you go!
Nice and yummy Cheese Omelette!

For me, I have it with sliced bread. yummmmm...
Or you can have it just like that, for breakfast or lunch!

The recipe above is just my first trial and I'm pretty happy with it. But I should make it tastier. I was a bit afraid of trying it out differently cuz I'm worried that I can't finish the omelette! I shall make it perfectly the next time. :)

Guess what! Joe had the eggs and the truffle in the sealed container now!
Infuse eggs .... INFUSE!!!

We are going to cook you on Thursday! hehehe...

Anyway, this is the short video that I took in the Mundaring Truffle Festival.
It's Chef Dale cooking the Omelette. Maybe you should watch this if you are interested, because this is the original recipe. Mine is the replica of it hahaha.. Hope the video is clear enough!


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