Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tea Time @ Jean Pierre Sancho, Perth City

I was walking alone in the city today and found Heaven at the junction of Hay St and Shafto Lane! Okay, exaggerated too much here. But hey, you will be freaking happy if you work in the city, shopping in the city or doing nothing in the city just like me!!

Jean Pierre Sancho, is now the place to go in the city. Lunch time, Tea Time or anytime! You just gotto go there. Croissants, cakes, baguettes, macaroons and coffee!

Beautiful settings, Beautiful service, Beautiful chairs, Beautiful cakes...

That place is so gorgeous you just wanna sit there and have a slice of cake and a cup of coffee and you will feel like you are in France!

Yes, I did that today and I enjoyed it!
I had the most beautiful Chocolate Mousse cake with Macaroons on top, a cup of English Breakfast and had newspaper with me. Gotto say this is the first time I am enjoying eating alone.
It's just Magnifique.

This cake is really to die for. Nice creamy chocolate, nice crunchy biscuit in the middle and yummy cakes in between too.

Oh! The macaroons there were affordable! I think it's the cheapest in Perth too! For just $1.90 per piece! Colourful!! XD

I am going back there again!!!! MUST!!!!

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