Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tea Time @ Choux Cafe, Swanborne

Remember the last time I went to Mundaring Truffle Festival and took a photo with a Pastry Chef Emmanuel?
Yeap! To support him, I have rushed myself there today with a friend to buy his piece of art :)
Choux Cafe located in a very quiet street in Swanbourne, I can tell you while I was walking towards Choux Cafe, probably takes me 1 minute, I saw at least 4-5 people walking in and out the shop! Where does the people come from in such a quiet street?

I went there with my friend and our eyes instantly glued to the cakes!! We were just in heaven by just looking at it! There's savoury like pies and quiche and sweet like macaroons, cakes and more!

Look at how many types of Macaroons they have! Each $2.70. It's very expensive I know, but if you buy 5 pieces, then it will be $2 per piece. So, it's not that bad actually hehe.

There's tables and chairs for you to have lunch or coffee there.
(They will charge you 50cents extra per cake if you dine in.)

These are what bought for ourself to try.
Chocolate Tart

and the Hazelnut cake.

They have quite a complicated French names for each of them, I just can't remember them :P ops! hehe

Have to say, Choux Cafe is the best Patisserie in Perth! The Chocolate Tart, I was expecting the chocolate to be super rich but it wasn't! It was just nice and the pastry was excellent.
Hazelnut cake.. So cute!!! Taste awesome too! Nice hazelnut flavour, with a thin layer of crunchy biscuit in the middle! I finish half of each in 1 minutes!

You gotto try it people.

Mon-Fri 7am-5pm
Sat 7am-2.30pm
Sun 7am-12.30pm
Closed on Public Holiday

93 Shenton Road
9385 4227

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Franky said...

better than la gallette???

Jo Serwey said...

hard to compare at them moment because I didn't try the same thing. eg. macaroons and croissants..
I shall try it next time and let u know! heehehe