Sunday, August 8, 2010

A relaxing day with friends

Today is really a rare day for me.. because I spent the whole afternoon with my 2 girl friends who likes taking photos as much as I do. Other than that, we had a wonderful lunch at Jean Pierre Sancho in the city.

Although my friends weren't really happy with the apple tart..

and another friend who can't finish the thick and heavy chocolate cake..

but I have finished my Quiche and salad was quite alright.

After we had a lil chat and fun time during our lunch time, we started our journey of exploring the city in a different view. Going to places that we have never been to, walking into the alley and start snapping away with our point and shoot camera.

Found 2 young talents playing some very sexy instruments on the street.

A random Tile Art in between the Gents and Ladies toilet.

A very cool entrance of a bar.

Dogs paws

A Coffee bar that I always wanted to go in and have a look

Very cute drawings on the wooden wall

A romantic scene

A cafe in Country Road shop

A girl who is fascinated by the glass design

Ah.. I love every moment of it. Relaxing, chit chating, random photo taking, eating, window shopping and walking everywhere.

Stopped by at the Greenhouse and had Chocolate Parfait and a cup of English Breakfast.

Out of 3 of us, I think I'm the one who take every single thing that I can see. I even ask my friends to pose for me so I can take photos of them. I asked so many times until my friend was fed up with me. hahahaahah.. I know.. I know.. I'm suppose to take photos of things.. not them.. but I can't help it! :P

Anyway.. this is the 3 of us who was hanging around the city randomly using P&S camera taking photos of everything.

Such a lovely day~ :)

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