Friday, August 27, 2010

[Photog] finally... SLR...

I finally got the SLR camera after years of thinking and researching.
I know... i know.. it's just a freaking camera..why do I need to take so long to think.. but u know.. I took so long is just because I want to know what's suitable for me, whats good for me and what is the best price range for me. I don't want to get something that is not suitable and doesn't take the photos I wanted. and $$ doesn't fall down for me for some reason. :P

Finally, I've made up my mind going for the Canon SLR and a good quality basic lens. That's the best way to start with. A normal camera SLR body but invest on a good quality lens.

Sometimes people do ask me why do you need a SLR camera? It's expensive, it's huge and heavy to lug around. Actually what they are trying to say is, you are not professional photographer, why waste the money? Of course, there are a lot of people who supported me! Really appreciate them a lot. At least, they let me know that I should go for it and I can be better at it too. Never know!

I know I'm no pro but I'm a person who loves taking photo of everything, especially expressions of people and snapping photos of things that I want to remember. Using the normal camera makes it difficult for me to capture these moments unless I uses flash. I hate using flash. I hate the 2D flat looking photo. I have to photoshop most of my photos to make it prettier. I have took so much photos, trying ways to take better photos and I think I can take my photo taking skills to the next level instead of staying at the same place til I die.

Yes, it is time to level up and use a camera that can do whatever I want it to do.
Which is.. Capture the moments.

Let me give you some example. Well, I got no "human" models here, so the best way to test my skills camera is to take our lovely darlings at home.

Karzan & Floppy

First example:

Karzan and Floppy sniffing at each other.
I can never take this photo with my G9 because they both move so fast, I couldn't capture it.
But when I did, the photo is blur.
No more farkin worries now! I can take whatever I want now.

The second thing that I always wanted to capture is Karzan's one eye blinking skill. He always blink one eye, and come on... you can never capture that with normal camera alright! Either you use the flash that make them blink both eyes or make them blink like they are on drugs.
Look at how fast this camera performed! I have no regrets on choosing the camera and lens. Best camera n lens ever!

Of course I didn't ask them to do all this for me, I have to wait for the right moment and took tons of photo before I could get the photos that I wanted. Be a photographer is hard work man. hahaha

Anyway, the rest is just some shots of them posing.

Including me..

I love my camera although it's a real heavy piece of thing.
Welcome to your new family Mister Fifty Dee.