Monday, August 30, 2010

One of my dreams

Came across one of the post from Nuffnang today and it intrigued me a lil bit. Check out Blurb. It's pretty cool isn't it? Its Quick and Easy to publish a book with them. It's not expensive and maybe good for design students if they want to produce a nice looking project submission. Or any kind of book really. Personal, kids, photography or cook books!

It reminds me of when I was really young.. can't remember how old.. probably 13 or 14, I was in love with comics at that time. I read all kinds of comic books, Japanese manga (Slam dunk), American comics (Archie) and even from Singaporean ones (Kiasu). Loved them!

As you know I love drawing, or some people might say I'm just scribbling. During that time, being inspired by all the comic books, I took out a stack of A4 paper, a pencil and decided to draw my own comic. I managed to sketch something similar to Archie but an uglier version hahaha Not that bad.. there's a story line (quite a lame one), a few characters and I even coloured 1 page of it.

Hey, I was quite happy after looking at my rough and ugly drawing at that time! Until a few years later, while I was doing spring cleaning in my room, I found my comic book stacked with all kinds of crapz in one of my drawers. I actually had a good laugh at myself and thought this shouldn't be seen by anyone and straight away without thinking, I threw it into the bin.

Now I regret not keeping it.

Lucky enough, I'm still scribbling until today. 2 years ago, maybe around this time, I was bored staying at home and had nothing to do during winter days. To cure my boredom, I decided to make some handmade dolls to kill time.

Not sure why I made this but somehow it made me start my character Miss Mantou.
Miss Mantou represents me, the events in my daily life and reflects my mood.

Since then, I've been drawing Mantou until today. Take a look at my lil comic here!

and of course, I hope one day I can compile everything into one book and even publish it? That would be awesome.

This is definitely going to be on the Cover. hehe ^-^

Photos taken with Digital Harinezumi.

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