Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lunch @ Pink Zulu, Cottlesloe

Pink Zulu is a unique social experience - a sophisticated restaurant, cocktail lounge — serving progressive, modern cuisine with a hint of Africa added to selected items on the menu.

Beautifully decorated interior, and comfortable seatings.

Staffs were friendly and very attentive too!

I went there for lunch with a friend who is a food lover and photo taking lover too.
We definitely know what to do when we got there til the end of lunch. Reach there, take out camera, snap snap the restaurant, seated, snap snap the interior, food came, snap snap the food with all different kind of angle in ten thousand times, taste the food, analyse the flavor, finish the food, discuss about the overalls. Wow! This is Pro man!!! ahhahaha.. I LOVE IT!

Anyway, for entree we had Zambezi,
which is Crispy Prawn & Crocodile croquettes pink prickly ash and caper dressing.

Love the presentation of the food and looks really yummy.
I like the little detail that they put in. The animal wooden sticks really fascinates me. I was looking at them so closely and guessing what animal it is on the stick itself. I think the staffs must be thinking I'm such a weirdo.

I think they were the Wild Boar, Zebra, Squirrel and Pig :P

For the mains, we had Tamarind Glazed Linley Valley Pork Belly with baby beets and citrus salad.

and Black Cardamon Wagyu Rump braised ox tail roulade and monkey gland sauce.

Comes with a bowl of salad.

We both love the dishes, it was really really tasty. In fact it was very strong taste, if you know what I mean. I felt like having some rice with it. (That will be perfect haha) The Pork Belly reminds me of Chinese Barbeque Pork (Cha Siu) but with different sauce and very juicy and tender meat.

Wagyu Rump was good too. The only thing that I don't like is the meat got stuck in between my teeth which annoys me. The texture of the meat was a bit too shreddy to my liking. :P
I like the Monkey Gland Sauce.. yummm... Don't worry, I did not eat the monkey.. it's just a special name for the sauce. hehe

Overall I enjoyed my lunch there and had a great time. Other than the menu was a bit pricey for lunch, but it's all nice and enjoyable. Pink Zulu is most probably caters to ladies than guys because of the posh interior. Maybe it's a good chance for the guys to pick up hot chicks there! hehe :P

Open: Tuesday to Sunday - 11am till late
Closed: Monday
Napoleon St, Cottlesloe.
9384 7688

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that great write up!
So glad you enjoyed our Restaurant - we are really proud of our food and our Chefs!

Jo Serwey said...

Yea we both loved it ! Thanks to you we have such a beautiful place to go during the day and night!
will visit Pink Zulu again with a bunch of girls next time.

Doulene said...

Hi Jo,
Did you see Rob Broadfields article on Pink Zulu yesterday?
We were really happy overall with his article.

Jo Serwey said...

Yes Doulene I did!
He is good! I wish I tried those dishes that he mentioned!! and the monkey brain too!!!

Anonymous said...

This place has closed already lah...replaced by a restaurant called Dish. Sadly, never got the chance to try Pink Zulu but tried Dish - great staff. We just went for a drink to stickybeak and had a huge platter of bread that came with a delicious gourmet dip. It was very good and even though we weren't hungry we enjoyed it and finished everything!

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks for letting me know. :)

I would love to try Dish some time soon. :)