Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lunch @ David Jones Sushi Bar, Perth City

Today I went out for lunch with Joe and Elisha & 2 baby girls.
We went to David Jones food court to have Japanese food. My workmate told me it's good, Joe told me it's good, I overheard people on the street saying it's good too! Gotto try it right?

Elisha had the Chicken Sushi and Karaage Chicken Rice.

Joe had the Dragon Roll.

I had the Karaage Chicken Rice and some Gyoza to share.

The sushi was great. Perfectly cooked sushi rice and flavour was well blend.
The Karaage Chicken that I had was good too! Well fried! I had those oily karaage before and makes me sick, but this one wasn't oily!
As for the Gyoza.. mmm.. not a fan.. not much flavour and no texture :P

Ok, enough of the food.
We had such a great time there with the special entertainer Mia! She sang for us, she made us laugh, and we stare at her blank stare! She was blank staring at something for a while when we were eating, and her eyes were watery too! She must be feeling really tired entertaining us! hahahaha joking.. I like to tickle her everytime I sees her! She will then gives you the most beautiful smile in the world! She is so cute! XD

See what Elisha gave me today???

Handmade Hippo by Elisha!!! With 2 front teeth! Thank you Elisha~~~~
So cuddly and cute! Elisha specially made a dress with a leather buckle for the hippo too! XD

Please visit her FB page and be a fan! It's called Mini Threads.
All handmade by Elisha and it's very cute! If you like anything from there, as a gift to someone or for your little ones, just give her an email!

What should I name my pink hippo? hehe... Any idea folks?


LeoDonHun said...

Name it Pinkpo! (so much for 5-cent of creativity) .. Chocky (MY)

Jo Serwey said...

Pinkpo sounds good! XD

I shall name my other pink hippo Pink Popo then!

ching∞ said...

sounds like PING PONG and PING PONG PONG :p

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The entrees are exquisite and they look very delectable. This is Japanese fusion cuisine at its finest.