Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kate Rodrigues in Bunnings Belmont

Yes, it's something about Masterchef again.
You can so tell I'm a huge Masterchef fan, I can be like those stalkers too if I want to.
Went to see Kate from Masterchef Season 1 in Bunnings for a cooking demonstration.
Saw her at Mundaring Truffle Festival, but didn't get to take a photo with her, so I was quite happy that I can see her again.

She was demonstrating on how to cook a nice and tender lamb backstrap with a bed of salad.
It's a very simple dish and the meat was really tender and juicy. I love nice tasting simple dish because I hate complicated recipes. I will go insane whenever I try to follow a difficult recipe.

Not sure if you watch season 1 masterchef, she had this chocolate ganache that won the food critics over. It's a recipe that she has never given away before, but she gave in and showed us how to make it. I was excited and I am so gona make this at home! it's so easy! No baking required and taste so good. I feel like having one now! :P

Hope to see u again Kate and thanks for giving out our simple, easy and yummy choc ganache recipe!

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