Friday, August 20, 2010

Dinner @ Loose Box, Mundaring

Loose Box is one of the most distinguished French Restaurants in Perth.
Nice atmosphere, nice food, nice service and nice interior.

Loose Box is located in Mundaring, about 30-40 minutes drives from Perth.
I was quite excited to be there few days ago for dinner, because I've been wanting to go there for a few years now. Since I have more exposure and a better understanding of food now, I think it's a good time to give Loose Box a try. Loose box only served degustation menu (vegetarian option is available)

We were the first ones to be there, and you can already see the attentive waiter and waitress is already waiting to greet you at the door.
When you stepped inside the restaurant, all you can feel is "ahhh... comfortable..." I love the dim yellowish light, the lovely couches, the warm fire place and the beautiful orchids!

I love this particular area where you can sit down in front of the fire place, sipping a cup of tea and reading a nice book. If you notice in the photo below, the book on the table named Degustation is written by Alain Fabregues, who is the owner and chef of the Loose Box.

After wondering around the restaurant, I have finally seated and ready for the food.

To start with, they serve us their freshly bake french loaf.
It was delicious. (I told myself not to have any bread before anything but I couldn't resist after the first bite.) Nice and crispy on the outside and soft in the inside! Very nice smell and taste fresh. I had 2 of them. :P Can't help it. Too good.

Toasted truffle sandwich and Cheesy and creamy egg with truffle in a nicely carved egg shell.

F Salmon Gravalax, cured in the Loose box kitchen, marinated with fresh ginger and served with a soft salsa garnished with coreiander, sharp radishes and fresh horseradish sour cream.

Roasted Shark Bay Scallops served on potato discs cooked in a barigoule with celeriac puree, a saffron emulsion and garnished with a raw tomato salsa.

The cepes (French forest mushrooms) terrine, served sliced and glazed garnshed with salpicon of chanterrelles and wood smoke duck.

Leg and thigh of duck slow cooked, served with diced roast potatoes, wilted spin spinach and a light pepper sauce.

Brussel sprouts and diced bacon in a creamy sauce.

Wow.. that was a nice meals there.. getting really full by that time... but.. more food to come..

Seasonal fruit churned as a sorbet.
This is the best Sorbet I have ever tasted. It has a strong pineapple and apple taste initially, but leaves you with a clean and fresh palate. I've never had this feeling before.

Grand Marnier crepes filled with a frangipane cream, roasted and served on a chocolate sauce with vanilla ice cream.

Selection of homemade Petits Fours with Tea.
(In front of the fire place~ ahhh~~ heaven)

I find it difficult when people ask me which is the best restaurants in comparison to Jacksons, Amuse, Chez Pierre and a few more to name. To be honest, they each have their own positives in my heart. For example, the food at Chez Pierre is not pretentious but still very classy, Restaurant Amuse's menu was creative and blow my mind away when I know how they cooked the dishes, while Loose box gave me the feeling of a fine dining way of delicious home comfort food and the experience of french eating which amazed me.

You must have a try at the Loose Box if you are a serious foodie.
Otherwise, go for their lunch, I heard it's very enjoyable too.

Below are some different dishes from me that my friends had.

From the Vegetarian Menu,
Cream of leek and potato soup, served warm with a breezy garlic and thyme toast.

From the same menu as mine but with Truffle on top.

On Specials,
Rabbit & Venison pie with caramalised onion.

Escargot in Pastry. (Check out the fried parsley, never know it tasted so good after frying it)

Tasmanian Brie filled with shaved Manjimup Truffles and cured for ten days. Served with seasonal fruits and walnut bread.

The Loose Box
6825 Great Eastern Highway,
Western Australia 6073

Tel : (08) 9295 1787
Web :

Opening Hours
Monday & Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday - Saturday : Dinner from 7pm
Sunday : Lunch from noon

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