Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dinner @ Kanta, Langford

One of my reader told me about this highly recommended Japanese Restaurant in Langford.
Without any hesitation, I call in and book for a table on Saturday night dinner. Surprisingly they were fully booked out until after 8pm. So, I got no choice but to have a late dinner.

Got there about 8 ish with a couple of friends. That area is quite dark and Kanta is the only place open in that small area. Kanta is a very very small restaurants that has only around 20 seats. There's 2 tables that can seat 5 people at the 2 corners of the shops and the rest of the seating is at the sushi bar.
2 chefs and 2 waitresses.

I am quite excited to try this new place because it smells authentic to me :P
The menu was quite impressive too.. different choices and some impressive Entree menu too. Don't think any Japanese Restaurant in Perth serves dishes like this.

For starters, on the house, not sure what it's call.
Glass noodles, carrots, onions and tomato base like of sauce.
Not really a fan of this, to me it's not appetizing.. just making me feeling full. I finished it anyway hahaha it's not bad. Just thought the dish should make me hungry instead of full, so that I can continue my dinner with a good appetite.

Entree that we ordered.
Chicken Karaage
Fried it just nice, juicy and crispy. I like it!
(I still prefer the Karaage from Halu, though)

Chawan Mushi
Wow... this is silky smooth and very interesting presentation.
A bit different from others.

Agedashi Tofu.
Well done. I like everything about it. Well balance flavour, Tofu was nicely cooked.

Sanma Shioyaki (Salted grilled mackerel pike)
This is something different! Haven't tried this before in any Japanese Restaurant in Perth and it's delicious! The guys love the fish so much, they want to just have 1 plate each and drinking beer whole night long with it. Well, of course you can't do that in Kanta, they will chase you off! haha

Ika Shioyaki
Salted grilled squid tentacles
Oh.. this is yummmmm...I really like the lil touch that they put in.. which is the burnt end of the tentacles.. it gives it a good punch to the flavour. I can eat this as a snack!

My Favourite of all.. Yukke.
Marinated raw beef with egg yolk. Gosh.. This taste so goooooood!
Love the clever idea of mixing the shredded apple with raw beef. It's very refreshing!

A plate of Sushi Moriawase
7 pieces of nigiri sushi & 4 pieces of small roll.
Sushi were fresh and melts in your mouth.

Tuna roll for extras :P

Okay.. I guess you must be really hungry now after a selections of entree...hehe
Now.. below are the mains for individuals.

I had Salmon Don.
Look how generous they are! The Salmon slices and caviar were very fresh too!
I just need sake to go with it :D

This is Pirikara Udon
Combination hot and spicy noodle soup.
I have tried a spoon of it and seriously quite spicy. I think my chilli tolerant levels has gone down the hill since I came to Perth.. I need to practice to eat spicy food again! oh! it's yum :)

Tori udon.
Chicken and spring onion in soup.

Wakame Udon.
With seaweed, fish cake and spring onion in soup.

Kamo Steak
Grilled duck in special teriyaki sauce. Tried a piece of this, taste very similar to chinese stir fry. But they were different of course, in terms of sauces and way of cooking it. It's very nice! I like it!

Last but not least.... Dessert.
Kanta Special Green Tea Ice Cream.
Nice dessert to have after the dinner. Refreshing, light and makes you satisfy hehe.

Thanks Pris for the recommendation :)

Kanta is now officially my favourite Japanese Restaurant in Perth.
Good price (cheap!) Good Food (Authentic!)

Only bad thing is.. in a bad suburb.
I had a horrible experience after dinner. A Learner driver accidentally knocked my car while I just started my dessert. The learner, lady instructor and us were fine, discuss about details and look at the damage, all were good except there were a bunch of kids who was sitting around that area, making a big fuss about it. Annoyed us, threatened the learner, yelling at us, saying stupid things to us. It's just no respect, no manners and no brains. Fooling around does not make you girls look cool. It just show how immature you are. Anyway, nothing to worry about. I just need to call the insurance and get my car fix as soon as possible. New bumper soon :)
I didn't get to finish my dessert too! Can I claim that too???

Lunch 11.30am-2pm
Dinner Take away: 5.30pm-9pm
Dinner Dining: 6pm-9pm

7/76 Langford Ave, Langford
9451 5720
Make sure you make a booking if you wanna dine in.

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