Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dinner @ Durty Nelly, Perth

Durty Nelly is a Irish Pub situated at the famous Shafto Lane in the City.
Thought I should give it a try since they have a special deal for Wednesdays, which is the T-bone, chips and Salad for $16.

Interior looked really rustic which I like. Luckily it's a Wednesday, so I can't take the photo easily, if it's on the Fridays.. the place will be so crowded!

Beers on tap. Order at the counter and pay, they will deliver the food to you.

This is my T-bone, chips and salad. Apparently it's with diane sauce.. but it looks like mushroom sauce to me.. because there were pieces of mushrooms in the gravy. Oh well, that's what I want anyway.

See how huge is this piece of T-bone?

Double the size of my hand! My eyes literally go like this O_O when I saw it.
This is what you call Pub Food. HUGE.
For $16, I think most people will be quite satisfy with the portion of meal. Definately will make you full. But in terms of food quality, the meat was a bit tough to chew, chips-nothing to rave about, salad-yea it's fresh, I like the gravy though, yum.

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Eric from Tassie said...

I only went for the Piza (great last time in Perth) but couldn't resist the T-bone on special. Mine was verrry tender. Different day different cow - or have they changed butchers.

Jo Serwey said...

Hi Eric! Oh I shall try the pizza then! Maybe it was my unlucky day that time :)