Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dinner @ Cream, East Perth

I went to Cream with Frances and Joe last day.
Cream is one of the restaurants that I wanted to try out long long time ago, because of good reviews online and recommended by one of my colleague.

Interior was red. Red lights, red walls, even the waitress is wearing red :P
The waitress who served us was excellent. She was friendly and have a very nice smilling face.

We got there fairly early about 6.30pm. We were their second table customer during that time.
Anyway, Frances and I got ourselves some cocktails to start with :)

We sat there and had a good long chat, then we realized the food actually came out quite slow. Then Frances suddenly apologies to us saying "It's my Souffle guys.. they had to make it on the spot". Ahh.. Then Joe and Frances told me that Souffle is actually had to make it on the spot and serve. You can't keep the batter, you can keep it after baking it. If they got Souffle in the menu, usually it's kinda give a good nightmare for the chef on the busy days. Poor chefs...

Anyway, the wait was worth it.. The entree came out very impressively.
Below is the Twice Baked Lemon & Goat's Cheese Souffle with Salad of Cherry Truss Tomatoes, Avocado and Fresh Herbs.
I took a lil bite of the Souffle and it was good.

Joe got the Warm Fillet of Home Smoked New Zealand Salmon with tart of leek confit and creme fraiche, watercress salad.

I got the Handmade Ravioli of King Prawn & Blue manna crab with Chili, tomato and basil broth.
I like my dish alot. Nicely done and well balanced in flavour Ravioli and beautiful Broth. The only concern was that the broth was a lil bit too salty.

As for the mains,
Joe had Homemade Potato & Ricotta Gnocchi with roasted tomato, basil & three cheese sauce, Reggiano Parmesan. Lovely lovely Soft Gnocchi. I love it!

Frances had the Ravioli. It is the one that I had as my entree but hers was the main size.

I got the Crispy Roasted Lean Pork Belly with Strudel of pan caramelised apple, leek and goats feta. I love the Strudel! They uses Filo pastry instead of the crumble which gives an excellent texture to it. The pork was juicy in the inside and crispy on the outside. Again, it's a bit too salty to my liking.

Dessert time~

Below was the 70's Flashback.
Profiteroles filled with pistachio custard with warm french dark chocolate sauce.

Joe had the Homemade French Dark Chocolate Truffle and a cup of tea.

I had the Individual Vanilla Bean Pavlova with fresh berries cointreau creme fraiche custard.
Love this Dessert a million times! Very very fresh and nicely sweeten strawberries to go with the Pavlova. OMG this is to die for.

Overall, it was quite an enjoyable dinner at Cream Restaurant. Amazing food and lovely service. If you get the Eatingwa VIP card, you will get discounts too!

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