Monday, August 23, 2010

Diet Day 1



CokOz said...

dont worry,
u'll be losing weight in malaysia even if u keep eating,
thats the magic of asia.

just pretend u arrive at a later date, so u have time to lose while u there lol

Jo Serwey said...

Hahaha that's what I thought really! But then I also dun want to look like a ball on the first day I touch down keke soooo no choice! I'm not really dieting really... Detoxing more like it haha but still hungryyyy

Long time didn't see u around! How's ur holiday coco?

CokOz said...

aaaaah i forgot to follow the comments on my mail so i dunno when u answer
keke is kota kinablabla?
I was gonna go there but then I decided to book for penang instead =) sure you know why lol!!

oh and my last trip to KL in august, i only stayed one day, but my last dish was bak ku teh, i think i had the worst one, somehow it tasted sweet! yuk

now im lookin forward for penang =)

how do u detox? i already put on all the weight i lost, something bad with ozzi food!!

and how's your armpit? haha Im really thinkin of doing it, its so annoying!!!!

Jo Serwey said...

Oh.. Bak kut teh.. yea.. only the ones in Klang is good. others.. u gotto knw where is good.

penang ey.. that's great! lots of food there ahhaahah Maybe u shud try Melaka too! :P

Detox? eat fruits , no oil, no butter and steam veges & Chicken & Fish! yumo ahahhaha I actually feel really good after a few days. and drink lots of water.