Friday, July 16, 2010

Supper @ Grill'd, Mount Lawley

Grill'd is always been a place that I wanted to go for a long time. I went there with Jessica accidentally. We were suppose to go to a cafe that she loves (because of the sandwich) about 2 years ago. We went there and Jess said, is this the right cafe? Why so many people around?? I felt weird and quickly looked for the name of the shop! GRILL'D!!!!
Oh my god! I jump with joy and grabs jessica's arm and said it's GRILL'D!!! I wanted to try this ages ago!! She was like looking at me and thought that I'm a nutcase. hehe..

Grill'd is famous with their Burgers and they are not just some normal burgers! They are Healthy, Great Tasting and Good Looking Burgers!

Unfortunately, I had my dinner nearly 2 hours ago and I am feeling FAT! But I had to try these burgers because I'm here! I was looking up and down the menu and found myself the best one.

The Mini Me Pack! It's for kids I know but that is everything I need!

A Mini Burger, Mini Chips, 1 packet of juice and OMG Colour Pencils and Colouring Paper!!!! How awesome is that! ( I kept the paper and colour pencil hehe.. on my desk now.. maybe I will do some colouring later :P)

The burger.. Although it's just a burger for kids, plus I am feeling quite full that time, I took a bite and I can tell the bread itself is a legend. Never had the burger bread that tasted so good. I don't know how to explain the taste, you just gotto go there and try!

I got Caesar Salad and some Chips as well for Jess and I to share.

Love the salad except for the chicken that is abit too dry.

Chips were fantastic. Herb and salted thick cut chips. We finished this plate of chips and the mini pack on chips although we both had dinner before. That is how good it is.

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jasonho said...

the thing about gourmet chicken burger is the meat always taste so bland and dry.

Jo Serwey said...

I havent try the chicken burger yet, so I don't know the Grill'ds chicken burger is any good, but I will try it next time.

The Chicken in the salad is a bit dry.

Willy said...

Hi Jo,

Next time, how about a bit more info on the actual burgers? I'm pretty sure people read food blogs to find out about the food, not colouring pencils and paper or Jessica's arm.

Your post tells me absolutely nothing about whats on the menu, how much it costs, or for that matter, anything else that would otherwise be considered remotely informative when making a decision on whether to visit Grill'd or not.

Number 1 blog on urbanspoon for perth??? Food blogs in WA have a long long way to go...

Jo Serwey said...

Hi willy! Appreciate your thoughts!

As I mentioned in the post, I had my dinner beforehand so I can't have any more big meals. So I had the mini packs. I just wanna share with my readers what I had there in Grill'd. If you want to see proper ones, please view other bloggers site. That would help you.

As for pricing, you can always check out their website where I have put a link there on the name itself.

Alternatively, you can look for Perth Food Engineers or many other sites in Urbanspoons for more info. I'm sure they have tried Grill'd before as it's well known for it's burger.

I blog about everything in my life and I did mentioned about "photos explains everything." If you see the "About the blog" page, you will know it.

Thanks for dropping by!

Sandy @ Hungry Again said...
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Sandy @ Hungry Again said...

hey, just stumbled across your blog :)

have you tried the claremont Grill'd? I think they're even more generous there!

Jo Serwey said...

Hey!! Yea, I actually eaten there a few times! Usually after Grilld, I will go to Koko Black! :D