Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Kaleidoscope

I was thinking about something in the middle of the night.. and can't get any answer..
You know the feeling when you know what you want but you can't do it...yet.
I'm sure u all do.
Well, as I was thinking, listening to the stupid emo chinese songs, then I started to get really bored. So bored that I just wanna sit there and stone (although I'm bloody sleepy).

Then I saw my Build My Own Kaleidoscope which I got it last Christmas. I built it and looking at it for a long time.. turning round and round.. wondering to myself how interesting and beautiful this is.....

You won't believe this but Kaleidoscope actually made me realize on something and kept me thinking on what goes on with my decisions..

Twist and turn a bit, you will get something out of it..Bright or dark, it doesn't matter.
Go do whatever you want to do, no matter what result it is.. you will still gain knowledge or at least you won't be thinking back to yourself on why didn't you do that the last time.

Sunshine will come.


fiery said...


so deep sial

Jo Serwey said...

dun tease me! >_<

ching∞ said...

ya lah! SHoOoOo ShooOoo leen! :p