Thursday, July 29, 2010

Me, My Mom & Guilinggao

Everytime I see Guilinggao in the shop here, I will just feel like getting 2 cans home.
Guilinggao makes me miss my mommy..
When I was young, my family used to go to supermarket together after dinner or just for groceries shopping. While in the supermarket, my mom and I will often passed by this section where all the different kinds of Guilinggao is.
We will always looked at each other and go "which flavour you want?"
We will picked 2 cans and put in the trolley.
Nobody at home fancies Guilinggao like us do. Eventhough we buy 6 cans, nobody will eat them except us. We will always chilled them first then have it after dinner while watching the TV shows. We sometimes try each other ones to see which flavour is nicer. We always prefer lychee flavour.. it's sweeter :P

Now, I only get to buy 1 can home. Sometimes I felt something is missing whenever I see 1 can of Guilinggao in the fridge.

What is Guilinggao:
Guilinggao, often translated as Herbal Turtle Jelly, is a time-honored traditional diet with Chinese Herbs in Wuzhou. It is said to be a precious medicine prepared for the emperors alone of the Qing Dynasty. It is mainly made from the powdered shell of rare big-headed turtles and China roots. Dried rhizome of rehmannia and other herbs are also added. Mild in nature, neither too cold nor too dry, it is good for both the elderly and the young. Its medical effects include clearing away Heat and to eliminating Wetness, enhancing blood circulation and the growth of muscles, relieving itching, removing acnes, lubricating the intestines and easing constipation, treating yin deficiency and restoring the kidney, preserving a good look and refreshing oneself, etc. Therefore, it is well-received at home and abroad.


fiery said...

iga sells poinsettias now.

i think of ur sis =(

Jo Serwey said...

ahahha she will be very happy if u get her those hehehe.. or even just this msg. :P

ching∞ said...

OH MY GOD.. *teary* I'm already teary while telling mommy how you felt towards guilinggao.. and now leen making me wanna cry!!!

i lurve you two and i miss u two!! :(:(:(

Jason Martin said...

Nice and crunchy, thanks for sharing.
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