Monday, July 12, 2010

Masterchef "Not Really"

As you know I have been to Margaret River few weeks ago with friends for a few days trip.
We had decided to have a cook off on our trip in Margaret River, just for the fun of it :P
Guys Vs Girls (Coincidently 5 person in a team)

Joe and I finally finish editing the video just for the boys team. It took us AGES to do it!
It's crazy! Can you imagine.. it took Joe about 6 hours just to get the subtitles done? Listen to it one by one, type it out and arrange it on the right spot.

We uses Window Movie Maker. The easiest program but it's just time consuming. We so wish that we had those room with lots of TV screen in front of us with lots of buttons! Although it's a troublesome process, but we were really happy with the result! Which is seeing smiling faces of our friends when watching the video that we made.

Welcome to watch our version of Masterchef - Not really :)

The quality might not be the best but no choice, I had to reduce the size. Remember to watch the bloopers too! :P



ching∞ said...

wow so professionally done! WAY COOL!

didnt realize you actually speak with an accent wey!

Jo Serwey said...

No lar... Where got?? Super Malaysian slang!