Thursday, July 15, 2010

Masterchef Home Video

Finally Joe and I finished editing our version of Masterchef video!!! Yay!!!
I am so happy with the result! Unfortunately, I am not able to put it up on Youtube due to copyright reason. I'm quite disappointed but I think load it up here and facebook will be the same hehe..

Okay, cut the crap! It's time for FULL ON Masterchef NOT REALLY! :P

Masterchef Boys from serwey on Vimeo.

Masterchef Girls from serwey on Vimeo.

Masterchef ROCKZ!!


jasonho said...

what is this master chef. australia version of iron chef?

Jo Serwey said...

Watch the one that I posted up on Facebook! It's clearer and not divided into so many parts!

It's a version of Masterchef Australia which is soo bloody popular right now. about 2 mil people watching it everyday.