Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lunch @ Victoria Station, Burswood- CLOSED

Today I went to Victoria Station with a couple of friends to try their $29.90 3 course meal.
Happy with the meal. Not happy with the poor and unprofessional service. We weren't being picky here, but for a fine dining in Burswood, that is pretty bad and disappointing.

We were seated and given the menu. Quite nice and relaxing.
Then a waitress came and asked if we were ready to order. We said yes but we just wanna know what's in soup of the day. She said 'Pumpkin', we said okay.. 2 second later, she suddenly walk off and said I will come back to you. She walk to the table right next to us and took their order.
We were like.. WTF? Aren't you taking our order? We haven't even ask u what's the other dish yet! Then we thought.. it's okay.. maybe it's the miscommunication..

So, we had to wait for another waitress to take our order. Another waitress came and took our order. We asked her about the Chicken dish that is on the menu, we just wanted to know if it's chicken breast or chicken thigh. We prefer chicken thigh over breast because the meat is more tender. Well, she told us with a confident tone, saying is Chicken thigh. So we ordered it.

The food came out pretty quick.
For entree, we got..

Soup of the day, Pumpkin Soup with bun and butter.

Caesar Salad

Garlic Bread

Seared prawn skewer, sauce Marie Rosa, mesculin leaves

Entree was pretty good. We were happy with the presentation and taste.

As for mains, we got...

Scotch fillet with pepper sauce

Tuscan Chicken Kiev, semi dried tomato filling, caponata

Chicken Fricassee, button mushrooms & onion, cream sauce

Barramundi fillet, spinach & cannellini bean salad, roast tomato dressing

Honestly, we were very happy and impressed with the mains. The portion is huge and taste was good. All of us didn't expect the expensive Barramundi fish to be such a huge piece, Scotch perfectly cooked, Chicken Fricassee portion is so huge we couldn't believe it and Tuscan Chicken Kiev taste the best.

Funny thing was.. the waitress told us, both Tuscan Chicken and Chicken Fricassee uses chicken thigh instead of breast. Guess what, they uses chicken breast for Tuscan Chicken. Thats okay because they way they make the chicken was tender and juicy and very tasty so, all good.

Then the dessert. I think this part onwards, I will tell you in script writing.
Joe: Hi.. can I ask.. what's your dessert for today..?
Waitress: Pannacotta.
Joe: Oh okay.. that's nice.
Waitress walked off.
All of us : 0_0"

A few minutes later.....came out this...

Wow.. that is a special looking Pannacotta! We all wondering to ourself.. isn't Pannacotta look something like pudding? We took the first bite anyway. Looking at each other..

A: this is Marshmellow?
C: Isn't Pannacotta like a pudding?
Me: Wow.. that's is loads of sugar on Pannacotta..
Joe: This is PAVLOVA! not Pannacotta..!

Then we realised, we have fooled by the waitress!!! Twice!!! -_-"
The chicken breast then the Pannacotta!

We were joking around ourselves to see if we should let the waitress know about it, because she is going to tell everyone she's serving Pannacotta not Pavlova. We wanted to see her reaction anyway for her mistakes. hehe

So.. it goes like this...

Joe: (Very politely) Hi.. I just want to let you know.. this isn't Pannacotta...
Waitress: This is Pannacotta!
Joe: No.. This is Pavlova...
Waitress: Yeah! This is Pavlova! Oh, we only got 35 Pavlova today and it's going to finish soon, so actually you are very lucky today!
Us: yea.. but we don't really like the Pavlova.. (showing her the one bite dessert)
Waitress: Oh isit?
( Walking around our table)
Joe: Yea.. and the Tuscan Chicken is actually chicken breast.. not the thigh...
Waitress: Oh isit??
(Walk off)

WTF??? No fuggin sorry! and No fuggin answer! We were all amused by her answers! We were stunt! Are we really at Victoria Station?? We know it's a Lunch Special but we don't deserve these shocking service!

One thing we realised is.. we think the manager actually knows she got crappy staff, because we told her about we weren't happy with the service.. She said sorry to us but didn't ask us further. We kinda like.. mehh.. whatever.. couldn't be bothered...

We got $30 off too because I got the eatingwa VIP card. So.. basically my meal was foc :)
You could win a VIP card too! Check it out! It's worth it.

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ching∞ said...

you should tell the manager that you are blogger and do stay tune for your post. geez. a lot of times is not the waiter's fault but the management. they dont take time to train their staff.

Jo Serwey said...

we did tell the manager when we were paying.. but she seems to immuned to the fact that she got shitty staff..

it's not about management or anything.. it's just a basic manners or courtesy.. I never learn all these, but I still say sorry if i give the wrong info when during daily life or even when I worked as a waitress.