Friday, July 16, 2010

Lunch @ Spuds, Westfield Carousel, Cannington

Frances and I went to Carousel for a little shopping & lunch on Wednesday at the Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre at Cannington.
We found this spudbar in the middle of the food court and it's screaming our names.

Lot's of different kind of spuds and all sound so tasty! Look at the choices they got!

I got myself the Moroccan Chicken Spud.
Chicken & Chorizo ragu, baby spinach, red onion, chickpeas, peas, carrot, hommus and cucumber yoghurt.

I add chilli flakes and Garlic Granules too hehehe

It was filling and quite nice! I have never eaten a spud like this before and we thought it was quite a healthy dish! Lots of vegies and low calories potato. We like it!


jasonho said...

from far it looks like putu mayam on steroids.

btw, what is spud?

Jo Serwey said...

haha! it doesn't look good in a box i suppose because it's food court, but taste quite good!
Spud is baked potato with different kinds of toppings!
Traditional spud is with coleslaw and sour cream.