Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lesson of the Day

Lesson of the Day...

Do not use short form.. people might not know what are you talking about. :P

There's a classic example from the comedy series Modern Family..
A father who thought he is a very up-to-date person, he said...

"I'm a cool dad.. that's my thing.. I'm hip.. I surf the web (pointing at the phone)..I text LOL Laugh out loud, OMG Oh my god, WTF Why the face.."



ching∞ said...


my friend suggested for you to check out the photography forum to find out how much are the cameras you want..

if you have difficulty let me know. I'll try to find for you.

Jo Serwey said...

oh! forum from KL ah?
okok i will try to search for it thanks! :)