Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dinner @ Spaghi, South Perth

People have been raving about Spaghi for a long time and I've finally get my butt there to try their famous Italian food. Spaghi doesn't take bookings and Spaghi gets really busy after 6.30pm.

I got there pretty much really early because I want to get a table easily and don't want it to be too crowded. Spaghi open at 5.30pm and I was there at 5pm. That's how Kiasu I am.
But when I got there, there's actually another couple waiting outside too. So.. I'm not the only one! hehe

The whole place look really homey and everyone who are working there speaks Italian! Seriously, they speak so much Italian until I just wanna say MAMMA MIA~ to them. Thats all I know in Italian! not too bad ey.. :P

Okay, lets not waste time.
For the mains, we got the Chef's Own Pizza.
Tomato, mozzarella, bacon, dry porcini mushrooms, onions, and quail eggs.

The highlight about this pizza is the Juicy Quail eggs. I have never tried one on the pizza before, this nicely poached Quail egg definitely is the winner.

Taglierini Bianchi Con Porcini
Homemade spaghetti pasta served with chilli, garlic, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil and fresh porcini mushrooms in a light cream sauce.

This Pasta is my FAVOURITE! The homemade Spaghetti is a OMG. It's so so so nice! If I were to picked between this and the pizza, I will choose this. The best tasting pasta ever.

The pizza and pasta that we order was good in terms of taste and quality. As you know both of the dish are actually quite a heavy dish or probably oily to some other restaurants, but these ones wasn't oily at all. It was light and just nice. Love it. No wonder people said Spaghi is the best Italian Restaurant in South Perth.

Last but not least.. The Dessert.
Tiramisu. I am not very good at tasting Tiramisu just simply because I'm not a coffee person. So, it's better not say anything about it. haha.. just go there and try. But you know what, I got my eyes on Torta Di Mandorla. which is the Liqueur sponge cake with cream, custard, and flamed baked hazelnut cream. Sounds nice isn't it?

Don't get offended if you see the owner's face like this >:|
They are actually quite nice.

Spaghi will move to Applecross in September 2010. Nearby the Raffles.

Shop 5, 35 Mends Street, South Perth.
Ph: 94743339
No Bookings. BYO.
Friday Lunch 11.30-2pm
Tues to Saturday Dinner 5.30pm-9.30pm

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stef said...

u should try thir squid ink pasta. pretty good. can't taste anything fishy guess bcoz it's freshly made. we love spaghi lots n it's our (my hubby n i) fav dating restaurant.

Jo Serwey said...

squid ink ey!! I shall try!!!
awwww dating place.. thats sweet :) South Perth is really a good place to have a lovely walk! heheeh
u are a food lover too arent you ahhaahah

Nicholas Ee said...

Drove by wanting to try it september 2011, seems its closed

Jo Serwey said...

Hi Leonard,
Do you mean the one at Canning Hwy?
Spaghi South Perth have moved to Canning Hwy near Raffles since end of last year :) I haven't been there yet though hehe