Monday, July 5, 2010

Dinner @ Gigi's On George, East Fremantle

After being sick and having soup for a whole week is making me feeling weird. My blog is getting hungry here!!!
I finally went to Gigi's On George to have a nice dinner with a couple of friends.

Gigi's On George is a very nice place to go to have a nice dinner. Interior and exterior look really earthy and cozy.

We were in love with the chair! It's so comfortable the guys started to be innovative by saying they wish it's a recliner chair. -_-"

Service was friendly and professional.
We had 2 entree to share amongst the 4 of us.

five spice pork belly port & balsamic glaze

Sugar cured salmon herb blini, crème fraiche

I love both of the dishes simply because it was delicious and it was my first time having sugar cured salmon. It was lovely.

As for the mains, we ordered..

Duo of duck
Confit leg, panfried breast, potato gratin, broccoli, red wine reduction

Char grilled fillet steak
Herbed crumb, roma tomato, red onion compote, asparagus, potato fondant, shiraz jus

Fish of the Day
Pink Snapper with brocollini, honeyed grilled carrots, caramelised capsicums and onions and caramel butter.

Mains were beautifully cooked. In my opinion, taste were well balanced and we can definitely see some good and creative technique in thier cooking. By just looking at it, can make the eyes drool. :P
The only concern was the flavor didn't have the "kick" on our palate. I was hoping for the smack in the face flavor while tasting it.

Dessert time :)

Almond caramel pudding
Almond toffee, sticky caramel, anglaise

Chocolate brownie
Sour cherries, hazelnut mousse, vanilla ice cream

House made sorbets
Lime and champagne

Gotto say the best that I've tried is the Chocolate brownie. It was chocolatey and everything goes really well. The Lime and champagne sorbets was very refreshing and soft. As for the Almond caramel pudding, the texture is a bit like a cake but looks really pretty.

We had quite a good time there and guess what! I had $30 dollars off the bill because of my new VIP card from eatingwa which makes me happier. I love discounts! hehehe Go get one for yourself if you eat out quite often. They got like more than 100 restaurants to choose from in Perth!

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