Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dinner @ The George, Perth City

I went to The George with a couple of friends yesterday night to have some dinner. Got there about 6.30pm and it was amazingly packed with people. At the time, I was thinking, gosh.. how are we gonna get a place to sit and order our food?

Well, we went in anyway. The front of the house was pretty much like a sandwich, but at the back which is the dining area was good. There were quite a number of empty tables around. This area is less crowded but still very noisy. Well, it's a bar and it was Friday night. hehe

We ordered a few dishes to share.

Panko Crumbed Prawns with Chermoula Aioli
Paprika Lamb Skewers with Dukkah and Spicy Tomato Chutney

Handmade Sausage Roll and Tomato Chutney

Wedges with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Chargrilled Turkish Bread with Today's Dips

The food was pretty good. The dishes that they serve has pretty good standards. Love all the dips and the Homemade Sausage Roll. It's delicious. The Lamb skewers was a bit tough but it taste good. I was quite impressed.

If you like a quieter dinner, I suggest you to go during weekdays or maybe try their Hi Tea on Saturday and Sunday! 1-5pm. $31pp. I heard it is good. I will try that one day. :)

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