Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dinner @ Bonsai, Northbridge

The Bonsai~~
This is the place that I've passed by a million times, looking at the shop going " is the food good here?"

To answer my stupid question, I finally went to The Bonsai on the Wednesday night. It wasn't really busy that time around 6.30pm (but it is busy after 7.30pm) So we got a table of 5 easily without booking.

Interior wise is clean, sleek and modern. Service was friendly too.

Anyway, this is what we have ordered for that night.

Pan Fried Scallops with Karashi-su-miso

Sweet Potato & Renkon

Shichimi Salsa on Pork Belly Slices

Ponzu Maguro on Avocado

Pan Fried Mushrooms with Karashi Su Miso

Creamy Prawn Springrolls

Californian Rolls

Roast Duck slices with Garlic Soy Caramel

Red wine & Miso Pork Chop with sweet potato chips (comes with a bowl of rice)

All those share between 5 of us. Bonsai menu is a bit like the Tapas but in Japanese version. There are some dishes for people who hates sharing.. so don't worry. For me, I like to share everything, so I get to try as much as I can!

I quite like the food there as it wasn't really expensive and the flavor of every dish is very different. Not like those dodgy restaurant that cook everything with the same sauce but just call it a different name. :P

I like the Pork Belly. Some of my friend said it taste burnt but I like it! You can see from the photo the meat is not burn at all! I don't know how they do it but I would like to have that dish next time when I cook my pork belly! (if i can :P)

I totally forgot to try the salad! I think the salad will be very nice.. because some dishes that I tried like scallop and mushroom with some salad taste really yum. I might order it next time since I got the eatingwa VIP card. Save me $30 bucks!

Creme Brulee & Crepe Napolean.

Don't you think the dessert look so cute with the decoration??? fat feet!
I didn't try the dessert as we were in a hurry and others feeling full already. That means.. I will try them next time!

Eatingwa VIP card - 25% or $30 off the bill.

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