Friday, July 16, 2010

Dinner @ Beaufort St Steakhouse, Northbridge

Beaufort Street Steakchouse is located just at the corner of Beaufort St and Brisbane St.
It is a very popular place according from the reviews from Urbanspoon and Eatingwa.
For just those reviews, that is enough reason for me to try out this place. A place which serves STEAKS!

The shop they are at now is used to be a German Restaurant call Alt Heidenberg something like that.. It was my first time eating German food and I was disappointed that they were closed down. I think probably because the shop is quite old and nobody can continue the business..

Well! The Beaufort St Steak House definately did a good job in designing the interior! look really posh! I love thier red colour wall paper :P

This is the entree on the house. It was really yummy.. and guess what it is? It's made with blood.. I don't know which animal it is but definitely very tasty!

For Startes, I got the rice & mushroom pilaf stuffed squid, chickpea puree with seafood vinaigrette.

Joe had the Prawn cocktail with avocado

Frances had the Chorizo (made in house)

The Starters were lovely. I love the Prawn Cocktail the most, because the sauce was just right with the avocado.. the whole thing will just melts in your mouth! yummmm.... Very appetizing too!

For the mains, I had Scotch fillet 300g with chips and thyme & port jus.
Frances had the same but with Peppercorn sauce.

Joe had the T-bone 500g with chips and mushroom sauce.

We got ourselves to share some Mustards and condiments too. All made in house.
We got the porter & caraway, dijon horseradish, redwine and shallot butter and herb and anchovy butter.

(our favourite is the herb and anchovy butter)

This is the Steamed Vegetables to share.

For the mains, which is the steaks, it was lovely cooked, which is medium rare, but we were dissapointed with the sauce. I got the thyme and port jus and it just doesn't go well with my steak and chips. I would love to have some heavy tasting sauces for my steak.

What I'm impressed the most was how they presented the chips. They actually stacked it up like this! The chips is so nice! Crispy on the outside and soft inside! Delicious.

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jasonho said...

not my kind of food. too fine and not comforting enough. :)

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha.. wait til u eat the steak.. ur stomach will burst!