Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adam Won The 2010 Masterchef!

I am so so so so happy for Adam!!! I think he deserves it! I know Callum and Adam both are really good but Adam is just more knowledgable, more technic and he knows what he is doing. Happy for Callum becuz he was given a scholarship from George Columbaris and work in his kitchen! This is so great!

Adaaammmmmm.. You are the best! I can't wait for your cookbook!
I am so gonna support you til the end!

I can't believe I followed every episode of Masterchef since April 2010!!!! I have been staying at home, sitting front of the TV at 7.30pm everyday without fail. If I did missed any episode, I will catch up online in the masterchef website. I am that crazy.

There were a few impressive cooks in the show and they are just constantly thinking out of the box! Although they have been eliminated but they are definately amazing.

We welcome the Masterchef winner Adam Liaw !!! You are awesome! XD


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