Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mundaring Truffle Festival

Yes people! This is my first time to the Mundaring Truffle Festival! I was so excited, I got there an hour earlier. Kiasu Queen

I think this festival is more to my kind of festival.. Lots of food~~ everywhere is food~~ all you see is food~~~
and it's not just normal food.. it's all cooked with Truffles!

I read on the paper that day and it says this Truffle Festival attracted about 30,000 people. It's insane! But trust me, it's the best festival! Better than Good Food and Wine Show :P

Today, the reason for me to go there is not only to buy the truffles.. but to see my favourite Season 1 Masterchef contestant.. hehe.. I was thrilled to see her.

But let me show you some photos that I took in the Festival to give you and idea how it looks like.

Okay, I think you get the idea now.. hehe..
It's time for me to tell you who is that girl that I'm talking about..

Spot her?

It's Poh!!! Omg.. She was actually just walking right next to me and I didn't realised until Joe alerted me! I got so excited, I didn't know what to say to her except with a big smile on my face :D She is so nice and very chatty! and I get to see her the whole day! :P

Who else did I manage to grab to have a photo with me?
Emmanuel Mollois from the Choux Cafe! He is the funniest guy and very cheeky too! Love watching him with Poh on Poh's Kitchen.

You can go to his cooking class in Subiaco too!
I am really interested though heheeheh..

This is Choux Cafe's Stall. Selling all French Pattiserie. Look so so yum!

Anyway, the highlight is still the Truffles. It really opened my interest, knowledge or whatever you call it. It's fascinating and to know how precious is those truffles, you just don't feel like eating them! It's freaking $3000 per kilo!

Joe and I learnt so much about Truffles and we got ourselves a tiny piece of truffle for $30 to try.
We are going to infuse the egg with truffles! Then infuse the risotto! Then infuse whatever we can before we slice it up and eat it! XD

Joe and I went to the Masterclass on how to cook the truffles by Three top chef in Perth.
Hadleigh Troy from Restaurant Amuse. Alain Fabregues from The Loose Box. and Emmanuel Mollois from Choux Cafe. With my favourite host, Poh. :)

It's a Three Course Meal accompanied with three different type of wine by Wine & Truffle Co.

It was really entertaining. The chefs are funny, creative and of course, the food they cooked was excellent. They gave us lots of tips on cooking too!

I think this will be on channel ABC? Maybe on Poh's Kitchen?

Our First Dish- Linley Valley Pork, Cauliflower and Squid.
Squis risotto with truffled cauliflower puree, Linley Valley Free Range pork belly and crackling.

Main was the Ma Poule Au Pot.
which is the Gently poached Mount Barker Free Range Chicken with fresh truffle under the skin, served with winter vegetables and a truffle supreme sauce.

Dessert was Brioche Polonaise.
A butter rich yeast risen dough finished with creme patissiere, meringue and truffle.

All 3 dishes served with 3 different wine.
The Entree was served with Truffle Hill 2009 Reserve Series Chardonnay.
The Main was served with Truffle Hill 208 Reserve Series Shiraz.
The Dessert was served with Thuffle Hill 2008 Reserve Series Cane Cut Riesling.

The show was such a success. Joe and I really enjoyed it alot.

After the 3 course lunch, we both head back to the festival to have some serious Food & Truffle Hunting!

This is Risotto Arancini with Truffles by InContro.

The one in the middle did that overnight. It was hard work man! No joke. The Arancini is the best one Joe ever had. He really loves it! I love it too! Although it looks like really thick and heavy, but it was the total opposite! I can have that forever!

Then we got the Berry Trifle and Macaroons from Sophisticake.

The Truffle Tart from Restaurant Amuse

The Truffle Hot Dog from Linley Valley Fresh.

Bacon Mini Keish from New Norcia Bakery.

After trying all different kinds of food. We were so full and satisfied. Then we thought we should really go somewhere and sit down.
So we happened to see this cooking show by Chef Dale Sniffen. Cooking something simple but with extravagance.

I quite like his cooking! It's really easy, simple and tasty!!! I'm honest! He cooked one really simple dish, the omelette. Sounds simple, but the way he cooked it and the ingredient that he uses, made the omelette tasted so good! I think I am definitely trying it at home!

We were lucky enough to get to try this delicious omelette. Chef asked who wants to try can come up and get it, so I kinda push Joe to get it hehehehe.. No regrets.

After the show, it's time for Poh and Emmanuel! again! hahaha
I am never bored seeing them cooking. Thrilled!

Anyway, you will see this on ABC on Poh's Kitchen.

We left the Festival about 5pm with a few nice goodies that we got for ourselves.
Olive Oil (Free from the show)

Super hot sausage. Good to go with beer or pasta~

Very yummy Goats Cheese.

A Truffle Mandoline.

and of course, our precious tiny piece of truffle :)

This is the most extravagant festival in my life and I LOVE IT! <3

Make sure you go to the one next year! There's food, cooking shows and entertainments! It's a great outing day with family and friends and they only charge you $10pp for the entry!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Me, My Mom & Guilinggao

Everytime I see Guilinggao in the shop here, I will just feel like getting 2 cans home.
Guilinggao makes me miss my mommy..
When I was young, my family used to go to supermarket together after dinner or just for groceries shopping. While in the supermarket, my mom and I will often passed by this section where all the different kinds of Guilinggao is.
We will always looked at each other and go "which flavour you want?"
We will picked 2 cans and put in the trolley.
Nobody at home fancies Guilinggao like us do. Eventhough we buy 6 cans, nobody will eat them except us. We will always chilled them first then have it after dinner while watching the TV shows. We sometimes try each other ones to see which flavour is nicer. We always prefer lychee flavour.. it's sweeter :P

Now, I only get to buy 1 can home. Sometimes I felt something is missing whenever I see 1 can of Guilinggao in the fridge.

What is Guilinggao:
Guilinggao, often translated as Herbal Turtle Jelly, is a time-honored traditional diet with Chinese Herbs in Wuzhou. It is said to be a precious medicine prepared for the emperors alone of the Qing Dynasty. It is mainly made from the powdered shell of rare big-headed turtles and China roots. Dried rhizome of rehmannia and other herbs are also added. Mild in nature, neither too cold nor too dry, it is good for both the elderly and the young. Its medical effects include clearing away Heat and to eliminating Wetness, enhancing blood circulation and the growth of muscles, relieving itching, removing acnes, lubricating the intestines and easing constipation, treating yin deficiency and restoring the kidney, preserving a good look and refreshing oneself, etc. Therefore, it is well-received at home and abroad.

My dream kitchen

My state of the art Masterchef kitchen.
No need to cook,
No need to clean.

Lesson of the Day

Lesson of the Day...

Do not use short form.. people might not know what are you talking about. :P

There's a classic example from the comedy series Modern Family..
A father who thought he is a very up-to-date person, he said...

"I'm a cool dad.. that's my thing.. I'm hip.. I surf the web (pointing at the phone)..I text LOL Laugh out loud, OMG Oh my god, WTF Why the face.."