Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tetsuya's Truffle Salt

I went for a little shopping today at The Good Store in Vic Park. hehehehe

I got the Truffle Salt from the famous Japanese Chef in Sydney! XD
I like to go to that shop, there's lot's of artsy fartsy stuff and of course the very-hard-to-find items!

I should cook something using Truffle Salt tomorrow ey? hehehe


jasonho said...

so what's exactly inside. truffle or salt? and how do you eat this?

Jo Serwey said...

yea, small tiny pieces of sea salt and truffles.

suggestion uses:
Sprinkle truffle salt in your egg-based dishes—scrambled eggs, baked eggs, omelettes

Truffle salt adds a subtle richness to creamy risottos

Use truffle salt in place of regular salt on baked potatoes or French fries

Make bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil or butter, sprinkle with truffle salt

Salad Dressings
Mix with olive oil before making vinaigrette to make a “truffled salad dressing”

Baked Pasta
Stir a teaspoon into a cup of ricotta cheese and use the truffled cheese for baked pasta dishes

Accent Foie Gras
Sprinkle over foie gras or pate

Use truffle salt instead of soy sauce to add flavor to sushi or other raw fish dishes

Cream Sauce
Truffle your cream sauces with this easy condiment

Truffle Salt on Pasta
Toss pasta with Truffle & Salt and truffle oil for a dish with simple elegance

Truffled Marinades
Use in marinades to add deep truffle flavor to cooked meats

Popcorn with Truffle Salt
Open a bottle of chilled champagne and pour into glasses, pop some popcorn, add butter and truffle salt and toast to this fun idea!

Check it out here: