Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Special Ability

I have something to tell you guys.. it might sound foolish to some of you but for me, it's amazing.

I have been to classes where they teaches you all sorts of new age things, like meditation, tarot, aura.. stuff like that. I always fascinated with horoscopes, lines on your palm and tarot since young. But never pro at it because of my brain that can't remember anything.

Well, the classes that I have been to, teaches us the introductory of everything each week, you won't learn in depth of everthing. It was interesting to get to learn although just a little bit of everything, no harm in getting more knowledge :) There were so many different kinds that I didn't know about. Interesting.

Why am I talking about this?
2 weeks ago, I was given a photo to take home. I was told to write down everything that comes into my mind when looking at the photo. So I did. I went home, opened up my book, looking at the photo and start writing things down. I wasn't sure if I'm doing it right because it was my first time, but I thought to myself no harm trying.

Today, I told everybody in the class what I see/feel in the photo.
Wasn't really sure if I got it correct and I felt a bit shy, then the lady who gave me that photo told me what I just said was correct! Why is she so sure? because the woman in the wedding gown was her mother.

I was surprised and shocked at myself at the same time! I don't know that woman in the photo, I have never done this psychic thing but I manage to pick up "things" from just the photo itself! It was amazing!

Did you say I'm a weirdass or kickass??! I don't care man, I found my special ability! XD

There are 5 different types of senses:
Clairvoyant (seeing)
Clairsentience (feeling)
Clairaudience (hearing)
Clairlience (smelling) and
Clairgustance (tasting)

Which one are you?

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