Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[Photog] Mini Threads

Yay~ First day off for me on the Wednesdays after 2 weeks of full time working! I was busy again on a free day as usual. :) Went to see my skin doctor to get my skin check then to Elisha's house to help her out on her new cutey online shop.

She is a gorgeous mum with excellent eye for baby clothing and toys. She handmade them all. I was there today to help her to photographs her handmade clothing and toys for her website. I was impressed when I saw the range of things that she had and they are so cute!

Look at them! They look like dresses for the Sex and the City actresses!

The Carrie Bradshaw

The Samantha Jones

the Miranda Hobbes

and The Charlotte York!

I'm just making the names up :P The clothing does not have a name like this. I just thought that it's easier for me to remember hehe. But don't you think that it's all very gorgeous? I love them and I want to wear them! I even asked Elisha if she can make an adult version for me to wear!

After 2 hours of taking photos of the clothing, Elisha brought out some cupcakes and tea for me~ how nice~ I love cupcakes and I love a hot cup of tea during wintery days.

After tea time, it was time to have fun with my favourite things.. SOFT TOYS~!
Elisha made like 2 to 3 boxes of handmade soft toys that is so cute, I just want them all.

The Angel

The Drunken Bee

and the Mr Bean's Bear Lookalike.

There's more! But you will need to wait for the website to be up and ready. Maybe a month or 2 time.. I can't wait to see the website!

and of course.. how can I missed taking photos for the lil ones at home.. Abbey is growing up really fast and looking like Mia now! Time really flies..

I am going to be so busy editing the photos for the Mini Threads! :) Will let you guys know about the website as soon as they are ready! XD


ching∞ said...

my god, everything is so beautiful. do i get freebies for being your sister? :p

Jo Serwey said...

dun worry, i will get one for u hehehe