Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perth Upmarket June 2010, UWA

Perth Upmarket time again! This is the second time I've been to Upmarket and it is more crowded and more things to see!

The first time that I've been to is at the Perth Town Hall back in 2009, but now they have expanded to a bigger hall to accommodate shoppers and more creative people to sell their products!

Having it in UWA is good, with the historical buildings and beside the grass and pond is great.

Which mean I get to take photos! :P

Look at the crowd.

Isn't it madness?
Yea.. i mean both.. nice design and a lot of people!!

Leen and I love this singer. Her voice is so so nice..
Everybody just sitting under the sky listening to her relaxing songs.
Check it out here from her website.

Then we saw this beautiful wall stickers from Wallalure. I so like the one in the middle. It's nice rite? They got lots of designs and it's all beautiful.
Even Leen can't help it, not sure which to pick for her new room wall.

We really enjoy looking at those things that they were selling. So cute and artistic.

and I found my favourite! HIPPO!! without teeth!

My highlight for today was the Food. hehe..

The handcrafted chocolate from KAKAWA

Pretty Cupcakes from Mama Jo's

Mouth watering Moroccan Lamb with cous cous and Turkish bread with dips by Word of Mouth.
It was delicious.

I had a wonderful time in the Perth Upmarket with Leen. Saw lots of beautiful things, had delicious food and took some photos.

The photo include a Albino Peacock!

This is my first time to see the White Peacock! I was so surprise to see about 6 peacocks that lived in the University campus. They were so used to human and u can go close to them and take a photo with them! of course you don't act smart and touch them, u will probably end up getting poke by them.

ah.. so beautiful!!!


Suzanne said...

Absolutely beautiful photos. Great crowd too. Well done everyone:)

Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday too and we have almost identical photos. I will try and post about the Upmarket on my blog this week. I think you were there much earlier than us though, because there was none of that amazing food left. Boohoo.

Jo Serwey said...

hey momiji! u got a nice blog there! nice meeting u! hahaha i got there about 1030 n left bout 12pm :)
wat time did ya get there??

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks Suzanne! Love the Upmarket!

Market Girl said...

What a great post, thanks for sharing so those of us on the East side of Aus can see how great Perth Upmarket is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
I think it was about 12.30pm by the time we arrived. We stayed for an hour or so. It was sooooo packed and most of the food had gone.

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks for your comments Market Girl! I think I should post up more photos next time because I have only selected a few from my camera for this post! >_<

Momiji! oh no.. maybe go earlier for the next one! I decided to go earlier this time because I got the same situation like you the last time I went in 2009 :P didn't get to try all the cupcakes hahaha