Friday, June 11, 2010

The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive

Everybody, this is Ted.

Ted was un-claimed from the pound. He is a happy little dog that gets on with other dogs, big or small, and also cats. He is happy to be outside during the day but must sleep in at night. He is not a bad little guard dog but isn't a yapper. He acts quite mature but does do a cute little spin when he see's you!!

Meet the shy one, Yang.

Yang and her siblings have been hand raised since birth as their mother died. They are affectionate and friendly and are starting to rough and tumble around with each other.

And this 2 lil fella are Sebastian and Belle.

Sebastian and Belle was rescued from the pound. Sebastian is an exuberant, happy little chap who loves lots of love and attention. He's great with dogs and children, although he does tend to jump a bit. This could easily be overcome with some training.

Belle is the more dominant of the two. She is energetic, lively and loves to be showered with affection. Like Sebastian, she is good with children but jumps up a little bit. She also sometimes tries to dominate other dogs if she is not the centre of attention. This should improve once she is in a stable and loving home. Is there room for a little pug in your heart?

Aren't they adorable? Don't you just wanna take them home with you and hug them?

To be honest, I will forget everything whenever I see a pup or dog. I will look at the dog with hearts flying out from my head~ (yea.. like a psycho) then I will just wanna play with them and pat them! My cousin Eileen is the best witness.

Few years back when I was staying at her house, we used to go to the park nearby her house very often to jog, walk or go for a swing. There will be people bringing their cute dogs out for a walk. What's the different between me and my cousin when we see a guy and a dog in the park? She will check out the guy and I will eye the dog! We will both say the same thing, "Omg, so cute!" But we know we refer to different things. haha.

Dogs are the cutest thing ever. They will make you happy, fascinates, laugh, learn, sad, independent, care and love.

You will understand after watching this video. :)

Aren't they cute!?!?!? XD

If you are in Perth, you can adopt one of the dog (in pics) from the Pedigree Adoption Drive. No worries if you are not in Perth, there's doggies in wherever state you are at! Just need to select your state and size, you will find adorable dogs or pups to adopt.

If you love them but you can't take them home, you can always Donate or Volunteer to help the doggies. Or even just buy Pedigree and merchandise can help them alot!

If you really have no time for volunteering and no money to donate, you can help the doggies by clicking LIKE in the facebook! :) For the first 15,000 people to join the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive Facebook page, PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of dog food to a rescue dog on your behalf. Isn't it nice??

Do good deeds will make you prettier and handsome! Trust me! :P

You know you love them.. Go to to find yourself a dog now!

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