Friday, June 4, 2010

Passion Gourmet

Found this lil gem at Subiaco last week when I went for dinner at Tenkadori.
It's called Passion Gourmet. It was open probably just 2 months ago.

They serve quality takeaway food in a convenient packed ready to microwave. They got petit fours, sandwich baguette, lunches, dinner and even dessert! They are all in reasonable price too!
Check out their website! They got tons of yummy food there.

While I was there, I bought some dessert to give it a try because it looks delicious!

I got the Sticky Date Pudding and Chocolate Moelleux for the cold wintery day.
It was so easy, you just need to get a nice plate, heat it up for 1 minute and serve!

Chocolate Moelleux gooeyyyyy...!
But I like the sticky date pudding better :P

I think this is a very good idea, selling food in a vacuumed bag, bring it home, freeze it til whenever you feel like eating it. Its very good for workaholics or even just too lazy to cook (me), serve your guest something really nice when they visit you, or just have yummy dessert at home on this wintery season without going to the shop! Good idea ey? hehehe

The shop is at
Shop 4, 1 Forrest Street, Subiaco
(near to the Hungry Jacks or KFC)

See! I share good things XD

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