Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Neil Perry's Restaurant coming soon in Perth!!

Did you read today's newspaper??? On page 3, with huge photo of the famous Rockpool chef Neil Perry accompany with a platter of woo hoo yum yum super delicious steak!
Ranges from $29 aged grain-fed rump to $110 aged wagyu.

His restaurant is going to be in Burswood Entertainment Complex (which is so freaking near my house, I can go there 7 days a week no problem) on January next year!

Hiring 100 staff, with 180 seats and another 60 in the bar, private dining room for 10 and an open kitchen!!!
Check out the floor plan here in Neil's blog!

I am so hungry even just typing this!
Neil Perry, can you open it now!!!


CokOz said...

waaa the floor plan look huge!! i dont know where they gonna put it? instead of emporium?

i just know they doing a new stylish atrium

Jo Serwey said...

wooohoooo i just cant wait to go there and eat! I want to sit in the open kitchen!! XD maybe I shud go to burswood again to huv a look heheeh