Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dinner @ Mannor's, Belmont

Joe and I wants something nice and near to have our dinner. Honestly there's nothing nice around this area except Momiji. We decided to try something else. Mannor's, previously Griff's.

It was Thursday night shopping and it was quiet. We have tried Griff's before and it wasn't bad, it's just not fantastic. So we thought Mannor's won't be that bad.. right..?

Joe had the Hawaiian Pizza. It's alright.. normal tasting pizza.. probably like the frozen pizza that can be bought from the supermarket.

My Lamb Cutlet. It was dark dark brown. Tons of watery gravy, tons of watery mash potatoes and tons of FAT lamb cutlets.

This dish is wrong in so many ways. Lamb got no lamb taste, what I can taste is Lemon and Mint. Meat tasted frozen too. Bread crumbs all over like it is very cheap. What's interesting is the chef manage to deep fry my crumbs just right before the burnt stage. The mash was unacceptable! It was MICROWAVED! There's lumps and lumps of dried mash on the surface! Gosh...even the parsley was old.

Come on man, I don't pay you $22.50 to eat this horrendous piece of meat! I can do that myself!
I just wasted my weights on something that is so horrible.

I think they won't attract anybody with their food but for the cheaper price of movie tickets.

While we were paying, Joe saw a comments sheets on the counter where there have tick boxes for Excellent, Average and Poor service. Joe told me on our way out that they should have a box saying "Shocking"! XD