Monday, June 21, 2010

Dinner @ Himalayan Nepalese, Vic Park

I always wanted to try this place since they are open and I finally did! The reasons why I didn't try it as soon as they open it is because I have never tried Nepalese food before (not sure if I will like it), the restaurant that was opened before Himalayan was a bit of a failure and the exterior of the shop doesn't look appealing.

Obviously I was wrong. I like Nepalese food now, Interior looks proper and classy and Himalayan did a good job in serving us yummy food!

Service was very polite and nice. The waiters and owner will go around and ask if everything is okay, and will say sorry to us when the food comes out a lil bit slow. Maybe they feel worried because I keep looking around and looking at them while I'm waiting for my food. I was actually thinking about how to blog about this place okay.. I'm not angry or anything. :P I guess I born with a angry face haha

As starter, they served us a bowl of spiced peanuts. Very tasty.

For entrees, we had
Momo Typical Nepali style minced lamb /chicken/vegetable dumplings specially spiced & wrapped with fresh coriander, giner and garlic, served with home-made sauce.
Believe it or not, Momo is like the chinese version of xiao long bao. Taste is different but the texture is the same. I like it!

Then we had the Lollipop Chicken.
Fried chicken wings marinaded with yoghurt, mixture of herbs and cooked in a tandoori oven.
This one taste very very yummy. Juicy and tender.

We were very happy with our entree and here comes the mains that we were waiting for~

We had the Prawns Curry

Himalayan Hot Chicken

and the Chef Special Goat Curry

with some roti and naan.

Personally I like the prawns dish because it's SPICY. Well, other's is not very spicy to me because I like it really spicy. u know.. like those tangy spicy. Makes me just wanna eat more hehehe
I'm not a pro at tasting authentic Indian food nor Nepalese but I do think that the flavour is very similar. Maybe the only thing that is different is Indian food uses coconut milk quite a lot and Nepalese food doesn't.

Overall, I like this place and I enjoyed it very much. I will go back there again when I crave for spicy food.

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Feli said...

Hi found your blog through urbanspoon. Like you I am Malaysian and I am married to a Nepalese. Himalayan's momo is the closest thing to the real authentic ones found in Nepal. I think it's their national dish because every Nepalese that I know loves mono. :)

Next time if you go there again, try their lamb chop and chiya or milk tea. Their prawn curry is the best I have tasted as well.

Jo Serwey said...

Hey thanks Feli for your recommendation! I will definitely trying it! sounds yum!

Shaun said...

I guess because I come from an Indian background, I prefer Indian cuisine. I'm really into taste, particularly flavour, and while Nepalese cuisine is much milder, I did enjoy their curries. I didn't care much for the momo. I thought they were similar to what one has had at yum cha but the Chinese restaurant offering is far better. The chicken lollipop was tasty but very little chicken to make it worthwhile. I didn't think the entrees were good value. I also had the goat curry but the goat wasn't tender. Not a bad restaurant but wouldn't visit again. I'm surprised to see how much people rate this place. Still, it's great to try a new cuisine.

Jo Serwey said...

Hi Shaun!

I think it's always like that yea? When you eat a lot and know a lot about that particular food, we will tend to pick every single thing on the dish. Just like me and my char keuy teow haha. I guess the reason why it's good, it's because this is probably the only nepalese food that taste decent and quite proper environment too.

Food from Perth will be quite hard to beat food from our own country...huhuhuhu~~

Happy eating! :D