Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dinner @ Cora, Myaree

Bo Young brought Joe and I to the popular Cora, the Korean Charcoal BBQ Buffet Restaurant.
She's been wanting us to try this restaurant ages ago but just didn't have time. Finally we get to go there together today.

The restaurant look clean and simple, very friendly and attentive service too! Feels so comfortable to dine in there.

They got quite a lot of selection of tasty meat. I can honestly tell you, the marination is excellent. Compare to Hana BBQ and Seoul BBQ, Cora BBQ is definitely the winner. Tasty tasty flavour~

A whole tasty selection of Vegs.
See the one with the arrow? It's jelly-like thingy, I don't know what is it call but I was surprise to know that this was made of Acorn. It was delicious.

and some other side dishes

All fresh and yummy.

The most important thing is they use Charcoal for BBQ while other restaurant is using electric heated plate. Which makes the meat less flavour.

One of the good thing about this restaurant is they change the netted brass thing every 15 minutes or so. When the waiter or waitress see any burn marks on the thing, they will change it straight away for us. Because Koreans are very health conscious, they don't like the burnt meat that caused by the bbq. The waiter even change the charcoal for us when the fire just slightly lower.

I definitely have a very good experience there and learned quite a bit of Korean culture from Bo Young. It's always interesting to learn and ask. Feel smarter everyday hahaha

For just $35 bucks per person, I am very full and happy. I wish I could fit more food in because it's so nice and yummyyyy! But I have to stop myself from eating so much!!!

Please meet the owner of the shop. She is a very nice lady owner. Always have a smile on her face. :) I asked her to have a photo taken with me hehehe.. I have to crop myself off because I look so fat from eating so much lately. :P

Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant
44 Hulme Court Myaree
(Just next to Utopia)
Ph: 9317 6000

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CokOz said...

dont tell me you got 2 dinner in one night? lol

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha theres lunch n dinner man... if i have 2 dinners... u gotto see me in biggest loser!